Mango Animate Helps Educators Create Cartoon Presentations from Scratch

Mango Animate Helps Educators Create Cartoon Presentations from Scratch
Enrich the presentation with huge ready-to-edit templates.
Mango Presentation Maker (Mango PM) developed by Mango Animate, is in a position to help people create cartoon presentations with no design knowledge.

Living in a digital world, everyone is immersed in a fast and convenient snackable reading experience. Compared with boring and rigid video tutorials, they are more inclined to search and click on those with interesting and relaxing covers to learn. Mango Animate has launched Mango Presentation Maker (Mango PM) to help users easily create cartoon presentations with attraction.

The first step in using Mango PM to create cartoon presentations is to create a canvas and set up the frames, which are the same as the pages. This breaks the traditional slide-to-slide transition mode. Users can adjust the positions of two frames to make the presentation pan, rotate, and zoom like a movie, bringing unique experiences to audiences.

Using Mango PM to create cartoon presentations, users do not need to spend time and effort to find additional materials. Mango PM offers a large library for users to enrich their presentations, including images, roles, SWFs, and scientific shapes. The objects of a frame can be moved as a unit. Users could slide the mouse wheel to zoom out the frame field slightly, then click the serial number and the button in the middle of the frame to drag the frame and internal objects. 

What’s more, Mango PM also provides a powerful feature in helping users to create cartoon presentations. For static elements, users are allowed to add interaction to an object. This means the object can be controlled to trigger another object or system, so as to perform a series of behaviors. Users only need to simply set the action object, mouse operation, trigger object, and trigger behavior. To make a more dynamic effect, users can also set animations directly to the frames.

This software offers more than just creating cartoon presentations. Once created, users can distribute their masterpieces to every corner of the world. The software will automatically generate a sharing link or QR code. Or they can choose to export them to EXE, PDF, or MP4 formats. 

“Mango PM is more powerful than you think,” said Ken Glenn, CMO of Mango Animate, “We look forward to seeing how much you can unearth.”

For more information about how to create cartoon presentations, please visit Mango Animate.

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