Mandeville Jamaican Restaurant seeks funding to launch authentic Jamaican food restaurant in Uganda

Mandeville Jamaican restaurant has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on to raise funds for establishing a one of its kind authentic Jamaican food restaurant in Uganda. It hopes to raise an amount of $25,000 which will be used to rent the facilities and cover the cost of décor, food items, marketing etc.

Mandeville Jamaican restaurant will provide the most authentic Jamaican curry and jerk dishes found in Uganda. The goal of this restaurant is to offer the people of Uganda the original Jamaican taste and infuse the Jamaican culture with the abundance of fresh ingredients found in Uganda. Though Uganda is much influenced with the Jamaican music, there has been a dearth of places which offer true and authentic Jamaican cuisine which is why Mandeville hopes to fill the gap by enlightening the taste buds of locals with Jamaican dishes.

The idea to establish Mandeville is the brainchild of Natalie Coley who first arrived in Uganda 5 years ago. She was amused to see how Jamaican music was a big part of local bars and clubs. She is a teacher by profession and each year for Festival of World Cultures, she would make a Jamaican dish to celebrate her heritage and share with her colleagues who give her rave reviews for her signature dishes like fried dumplings, sorrel, saltfish, banana chips and others.

Natalie wants to build a Fully Jamaican restaurant in Uganda because the natives love everything Jamaican and to bring the taste of Jamaican food with its already popular music. She hopes to bring more of Jamaican culture to Uganda but unfortunately, the limited budget is a major constraint which is why she has turned to the masses for support to make her dreams come true. In Uganda, most of the people don’t check credit and want the money upfront so to secure a good location, she needs to sign at least 12-month lease and pay for 12 months upfront. The amount raised from the fundraiser will also cover the cost of marketing, materials and other misc. expenses.

Apart from the money, another challenge she has to face is to drive traffic to the restaurant. Although the people are familiar with the Jamaican culture, they might take some time to come to the restaurant regularly as the food is a bit different. For further marketing, she plans to organize live DJ, special menu days and other events.

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