Man With A Pile Of Some Of Life Most Extraordinary Challenges, Is Fast Becoming A National Inspiration

1 Mar, 2017 – Motivator, innovator, and entrepreneur, Tyler Powell, proudly announce the successful double premiere of his projects, Tyler Powell U360° and Tyco Tv. The premiere was held on February 12, 2017. Tyco TV is a mobile live streaming media company that beams its light on today’s newest innovative artisans, entertainment platforms, lifestyle features and trending topics. The TV is fast becoming a platform for budding artists and musicians, most of whom are being inspired by Tyler Powell’s life and what he stands for.

Tyler’s second project, Tyler Powell U360° is all about encouraging, motivating and inspiring people to become doers and stay strong to overcome life’s difficult challenges. The project is based on the personal life story of the host, Tyler Powell, and all similar testimonials out there in the world.

Tyler’s life paints the best picture of hope and vision. He started out his first business at the age of 19 which became successful. As his business began to flourish, the ominous influences of unsavory associates coaxed him in making poor decisions that lead to a conviction of tax fraud at the age of 22. Determined to be a success no matter what and avoid becoming a stereotypical deadbeat dad, he prayed diligently for wisdom to become a better father, role model for his children and  a 360 degrees success.

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Despite losing his sight in both of the eyes due to ‘the worst’ eye inflammation/infection ever reported in the world (according to doctors), Tyler Powell never lost his vision. Although he is legally blind, the center vision in his right eye, lets him perform all his everyday tasks and responsibilities. Not being limited again by anything, he started the U360° Project.

“I lost my sight, but never lost my vision,” says Tyler Powell

Tyler Powell U360° project is one Tyler’s idea on how to motivate people to take action and responsibility for their lives. It is a unique and creative way to make more people become doers, think of success and eventually become successful.

The Tyler Powell U360° Project  will be  aired exclusively on Tyco TV Spring 2017!

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