Making Basement Renovation Costs Affordable in Toronto

Renovating a basement can open up a whole new opportunity and give a completely new dimension to a home. Doing so can add immediate value to a family such as a new play room, larger living space or home office. It also adds longer-term by increasing a property’s resale value or rentability.

However, figuring out the cost of such work can be difficult, and because of this many people simply never get round to it.

“Knowing where to start is the trick with a basement renovation, and finding that starting point can be tricky”, a specialist from Basement Renovations Now in Toronto said. “To start a project, we always encourage our clients to look at their available budget and then work this backwards. This helps establish a starting point, and variables can be planned from there.”

As with anything, budget will determine the cost versus quality calculation in basement renovations. Going for high-end finishing will obviously add to the quality of the end product. But it also pays to shop around for basement renovation companies, because the most expensive quote does not often guarantee the best end results.

On the other hand, picking the cheapest price is also a risky business, as cut corners and sub-standard work can quickly prove costly, especially with a basement renovation.

“Getting the right balance is the trick with a basement renovation company”, the spokesman continued. “While some quotes will come in low, this is usually for a reason. But substandard work can quickly come back to bite in a basement, where mold and damp can become a big problem. The quality of the products or the labour can contribute to this, and repairing it retrospectively can be very costly.”

“On the other end of the scale, some basement renovation firms will see the opportunity to upsell people and try to earn big profits on the labour. Look for a reliable, certified firm that offers guarantees to its products and its work. Doing so also means there is less chance of your insurance provider refusing to cover your basement renovation work, or having to spend tens of thousands of dollars to fix what you thought was already finished.”

Knowing how to draw up your budget for a basement renovation can also be problematic with no experience. “We look at three main factors when we give our customers their personalized quotes”, explained the Basement Renovations Now representative. “The first aspect is the size of the basement. In plain terms, the larger the area the more materials and labour will be needed to renovate it, so that is the main thing.”

“The shape of the area is another determinant of the price. Simple floor plans enable off-the-shelf parts to be sourced and fitted. More irregular shaped areas or higher ceilings often need some customization which can add around 5% to the total cost. The last aspect for costing is what additional features the customer needs. This can include anything from different specification floors to plumbing for bathrooms or kitchens”.

About Basement Renovations Now

Concord, ON-based Basement Renovations Now offer all kinds of basement renovations around the Greater Toronto Area. The basement specialists’ work includes standard and customized work from finishing projects to complete conversions. As projects can vary in size and complexity, customers are invited to make contact for a customized quotation and estimation.

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