Making A Good, Honest Living in Welding

Making A Good, Honest Living in Welding
Job seekers across the country hardly have welding as one of their options on the job market even though working as a welder presents a unique opportunity and a chance for interested individuals to work in one of the most stable, highly respected, and a good-paying job.

For the longest time, this white-collar job has been looked down on with many unemployed people choosing to look for ‘better’ jobs even though welding could as well be one of the best ways of having a living. However, there’s a shift taking happening. It would appear that mindsets and perspectives are shifting and now interested individuals can work as reputable welders anywhere in the country. On top of the changes in the way people think, a 2016 report by the Department of Labor projected a 6% rise in the number of welding jobs across the country in a 10-year period, up until 2026.

But, even with the projected increase in the number of welding jobs in the country, it’s clear that the country doesn’t have adequate welders. Therefore, this high demand for welders is driving up welding salaries making now the best time for interested individuals to enter the welding job market. Currently, the annual national average wage for a certified welder is $38,150, and this number is expected to rise. The salaries might, however, have slight variations depending on an individual’s skillset, employer, and their experience in the industry.

All one needs to do is to identify and pursue a welding program of their choice.

At the forefront of this change is a company, WeldingNearYou. This company is deeply passionate about welding and wishes to offer persons interested in welding jobs all the information and help they need to get started in this career path.

To become a certified welder, one needs a certificate or a degree in welding. This education is essential for a welder to handle and understand things line ship and pipeline buildings, structural engineering, and even nuclear power.

After the college degree, an apprenticeship is necessary for one to gain practical skills and experience. Individuals earn their welding certifications after.

At WeldingNearYou, interested individuals gain knowledge about how and where to be a professional welder. The company notes that some of the certification programs available include: Certified Welder, Certified Welder Inspector, Certified Associate Welding Inspector, Senior Certified Welding Inspector, and a Certified Welding Educator. This site shares all the qualification requirements for these careers, certification, and licensing processes.

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