Maker Jess Crow Explains How To Grow A Business While Living Remote

Someone has just launched their remote business. They got a few customers and are seeing a steady stream of business. All of a sudden, they hit a plateau, and they need some actual growth. Well, they are not alone. Many business owners and employees working remotely face the same challenge. Therefore, whether they are trying to improve their business communication, market their business to get more leads, or want to increase their business’s income, this article is for someone who wants to grow their business. 

Jess Crow At A Glance

Jess Crow grew up in remote Alaska without running water or electricity. Her life, unfortunately, was also surrounded by sexual and physical abuse. These experiences taught her how to be independent. Today, Jess is the founder and owner of Crow Creek Designs, a woman-owned and run woodworking shop located in Alaska. She has established herself as the leading authority in artistic woodworking and epoxy. 

The Epoxy queen worked with TotalBoat epoxies to create a white label high-end epoxy for art and furniture design. MakerPoxy is now available nationwide through Amazon and James Town Distributors. But how did Jess manage to grow a business while living remotely?

  1. Embrace Weirdness

Growing a remote business will always get someone to embrace their inner weirdness in order to unlock the power of self-expression. It will likewise motivate them and help them with their creativity. People may often feel they need to be like everyone else who is successful and they lose track of what makes them successful. Therefore, it will help if they have mentors as guidelines but they should never feel like they need to match their mentor’s success right away.

  1. Persistence and Expansion

For any business to grow, it must be willing to expand. The business must be ready to push past antsy feelings and the feeling of being uncomfortable. When Jess started working with TotalBoat to develop her own White Label epoxy line, many folks told her she was reaching too high and that it simply wouldn’t work out. However, Jess pushed through the whispers. Though it was a hard nut for Jess to crack, MakerPoxy is becoming a household name in the Epoxy and woodworking world. Every business willing to grow must push through the noise, persist, and expand. 

  1. Unique

Being unique can help someone and their business grow with speed. Uniqueness will make a business be the only one of its kind. It will also help the overall potential of the business.

Jess works in an area that is 80-90% male-dominated. This move became a plus, and she learned the different ways men and women think, which made her better at her job. She also gives advice, adds her own experiences, and creates something new or better in the space. Her art is also different. She adds unexpected elements of color to traditional woodworking, and it is exhilarating. 

These 3 tips should help any sort of business grow. For more information on growing a business, connectwith Jess Crow here.

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