‘Make Your Dream Come True’ By Florencia Menna is a Living, Breathing Testimony to Eventually Finding Success

'Make Your Dream Come True' By Florencia Menna is a Living, Breathing Testimony to Eventually Finding Success

‘Make Your Dream Come True’ by Florencia Menna is an invitation to live one’s dream in the form of a book. When dreams end, the vitality or the essence of living our life also comes to a grinding halt. With this thought forming the larger context, Florencia has written a masterful piece of advice to make people realize the significance of dreaming and the process to achieve it. 

Through her personal experiences, Florencia shows vividly and by example the importance of never stopping to dream amidst all the challenges and obstacles of reality. She invites us to dream as she once dreamed a dream and always wanted to make it come true. For many years, her life situations brought her to a point where she felt like there was nothing more to dream about. But Florencia never let her focus deviate and woke up to continue to chase her dreams and eventually turned them into reality.

Florencia’s life examples will motivate the readers at every turn of the page, leading them to start dreaming again, especially if they had to stop because of the harsh realities such as those faced by the author. With the thought that challenges are nothing but a way for us to learn things, this book will leave the reader determined enough to take up what they had left, thinking it was not meant to be. 

Florencia is a living and breathing testimony to what can be achieved with constant motivation to dream again or to continue with what one was dreaming, with a feather of hope that it will surely come true. No matter what the world says, the reader will get the inspiration and hope to continue with hard work and reach their goals and objectives.

‘Make Your Dream Come True’ Florencia Menna is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.

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