Major Remodel From Water Damage in San Diego: Families Move Back Home Happily

When it comes to water damage, there is usually considerably more damage than estimated by the homeowner initially. This creates stress for the homeowner, but is a normal and usual practice for damage restoration companies.

San Diego water damage restoration professionals Pacific Flood Restoration are always ready when an emergency arises. Sometimes, however, the emergency creates a more serious issue. This is the case with the majority of the jobs this team of professionals encountered.

“We get to the house. Many times, there is considerably more damage than we had initially anticipated. The flooding is substantial but is secondary to the mold that had set in. We are normally looking at more than simple water remediation services on jobs like these,” said Michael Damico.

Mold damage is always serious. Mold can cause serious health problems in normally healthy people, but those who have asthma, the elderly or have compromised immune systems are especially susceptible. Michael Damico’s team has to work swiftly but thoroughly.

The team starts with its dryout, evaporating all of the water within the kitchen. Then the real work on the water damage begins.

“Many times this affects the kitchen – when this happens, the repairs wing of the business has to come in and remodel the entire kitchen. When mold sets in a home, it is paramount to remove 100 percent of it. Even a small amount of mold left behind can become a major issue in a relatively short time,” continued Michael Damico.

For the Pacific Flood Restoration team, this is just one of the many water damage restoration jobs they complete in San Diego on a regular basis. Job completed and families are able to move back home and resume their normal lives.

“As for us, we wait for the next emergency job. We are a 24/7 company, so if there is a water damage issue, we are here to react immediately,” said Michael Damico.

More information about the company’s services, testimonials and before and after pictures are on the website.

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