Magoshare Offers Powerful Data Erasure Software to Help Mac Users Permanently Erase Data and Format Hard Drive

Data erasure is a necessary process that many companies and individuals need to do from time to time. Unfortunately, not many software offer the same level of data erasing capabilities as one would expect. While not many people know this, simply deleting files from one’s computer doesn’t necessarily result in complete erasure. Traces of the files can still be found on the computer and this results in them being located if the person looking for them is good enough.

Thus, when one looks into erasing files, they need a software that is able to properly erase files on a military / government level. Many have described this software to be AweEraser by AweEraser is a Mac data eraser software. It aims at being a light-weight yet highly effective and secure data erasing tool.

Its comprehensive and detailed features make it quite an impressive choice not just for individuals, but also for large corporations, organizations and enterprises. Utilizing certified data erasing algorithms, AweEraser is able to remove complete traces of the data that is present in one’s HDD, SDD or USB devices that would be left otherwise. This Mac data eraser has become the premier option for many across many industries.

Data erasing is usually used when one wants to resell their hard drives or other data-storing devices without fear of their private information being leaked. As mentioned above, simply deleting data from a computer doesn’t necessarily mean that it is gone for good – it is only when a professionally designed and highly reliable software like AweEraser is used can one be completely sure that their hardware is completely clean.

AweEraser primarily offers 3 main functions. It is a file shredder, meaning it will entirely eliminate files from one’s hardware. It is also a disk wiper, and thus can clear all files from a hard drive or USB flash drive quickly and efficiently. Finally, it also works as a free space eraser, which allows it to clear any junk files that might be clogging up one’s computer without affecting any existing data. Some other tools that it provides are browser cleaning and uninstaller for files that can’t be removed through normal means.

About Magoshare:

Magoshare ( is reliable system utility software and data recovery software developer which is established in 2016, located in Shen Zhen, China. We are a happy and creative team. Magoshare offers reliable and awesome system utilities, data recovery software, uninstaller software and other products/service for global users.

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