MagnaMat is the innovative patent-pending solution to hold rugs in place to prevent tripping accidents

MagnaMat is a highly useful and practical invention that securely locks every rug in place. With this patent-pending innovation, there will be no more problems of curled corners or moving rugs that may result in someone tripping or falling over. To be Launched on crowdfunding website, MagnaMat presents a convenient solution to secure rugs in place while being easily removable for cleaning and rearranging.

MagnaMat is a revolutionary floor mat mount that safely holds the mats in place using the world’s strongest magnets, that last a lifetime. Using patent-pending Neomagnetic energy technology – MagnaMat USA has created these convenient rug holders that just take seconds to install. These the most powerful magnets of Earth that don’t wear out with time. They’re tiny but have a huge magnetic force to hold the rugs securely. It also uses water-resistant adhesives so the user can easily move or rearrange their rug anytime they want to.

MagnaMat uses “Autoclick” technology so that the rug automatically finds its position for securing itself to the base plate using the locking adapters. This mechanism prevents the rug from curling up or having any sort of movement. Furthermore, the initial product testing has received great feedback and the media has stated, “Your floormat won’t move an inch!”

MagnaMat is developed after a year of creating and testing prototypes and the final product is now ready for manufacturing. It is suitable for all rugs or mat sizes, including very large or small ones. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), “Slip and falls account for over 1 million hospital emergency room visits per year, representing the leading cause of [emergency room] visits (12%)”. MagnaMat can be used in any corner of the house or office to secure mats/rugs and prevent accidental tripping especially in the case of elderly people and children.

More information about MagnaMat can be found on the website.

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