MAGENE P325 CS Dual-Sided Crank Arm Power Meter Launched on Kickstarter

Dual-sided power meter for bicycles offering the ultimate quality for a fraction of market prices

Cycling enthusiasts and professionals looking for a top-quality power meter that is affordable are today being offered a new device that is being launched on Kickstarter. The MAGENE P325 CS is the first prime power meter for bicycles and bicycle training that competes with the strongest brands in the industry on par with them and even offering better features while also offering buyers a third of the conventional prices.

“We simply focus on conducting our own research and development, which we have been doing for years, so that we can run a cost-effective operation that passes the savings on to our customers,” Mr. Smith, developer of the MAGENE P325 CS Power Meter, said. “We have no interest in collecting a tremendous premium for what we offer to our customers. We choose instead to offer them the best quality for the best price, which we believe is a winning proposition for any cycling amateur or professional,” Amanda added.

The MAGENE P325 CS Power Meter displays the kind of features that big brands offer. From consistent and accurate measurements, regardless of varying environmental conditions and grounded on a +/- 1.5% accuracy level, to dual-sided data that is also captured individually, this device offers users reliable and accurate data without a high price tag.

The device is light, easy to install and to use interchangeably on different bicycles, it supports ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart 4.2 connections to support communication with Android and iOS devices, and it also offers resistance as one of its features. “This power meter has a waterproof IP67 anti-splash level that lets people use it anywhere, and it’s built to last, having been rigorously shock-tested and refined to withstand the expectable use of any competitive biker,” the developer further commented.

The MAGENE P325 CS campaign on Kickstarter is seeking to raise $100,000 to fund the large-scale production of the power meter which will be offered early and for a special price to the backers who support the campaign.

Qingdao MAGENE Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., is a Chinese company that focuses on developing top-quality bike training accessories that blend the latest technology developments with top-quality materials while putting an affordable price tag on the products it develops.

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