MAD NIL News Has Launched its App for High School & College Athletes and Announced MAD Collectives for Mid-2024

MAD NIL News has announced the launch of its mobile application tailored for high school and college athletes, focusing on the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) sector. This app provides essential information and resources about NIL opportunities. Additionally, MAD NIL News is in the development phase of a sister app, MAD Collectives, expected to be available in July/August 2024.

Jarred Scott, the founder of MAD Sports Management and the force behind MAD NIL News and MAD Collectives aims to support athletes across various aspects of their careers, including physical training, mental health, and marketing. The acronym MAD stands for Motivate, Acclimate, and Dominate, highlighting the company’s commitment to athlete development.

MAD NIL News offers a platform where athletes, brands, and sports enthusiasts can access up-to-date information on NIL. It features news, articles, and social media trends related to NIL, alongside insights into potential opportunities and partnerships. The app uses AI to customize content according to each user’s preferences and level of knowledge, creating a community where experiences and advice can be shared.

The upcoming MAD Collectives app will use AI to facilitate connections between athletes and brands, making the process of finding endorsement opportunities more straightforward. By matching campaign needs with athlete profiles, MAD Collectives aims to streamline the endorsement process, allowing athletes to manage deals directly through their phones.

Since its inception in July 2022, MAD Sports Management has sought to assist athletes in reaching their sports-related goals. This includes offering comprehensive support in physical and mental health and navigating the complexities of NIL and marketing. The development of MAD NIL News and MAD Collectives is part of this broader mission.

The introduction of MAD NIL News and the development of MAD Collectives underscore MAD Sports Management’s holistic approach to athlete support. These platforms are designed to educate and engage athletes in the NIL sector, providing tools for managing endorsements and partnerships.

Initiatives of MAD Sports Management, led by Jarred Scott, MAD NIL News, and MAD Collectives, focus on enhancing the experience of athletes and brands in the NIL sector. These platforms aim to simplify the complexities surrounding athlete endorsements and partnerships by offering resources and technology-driven solutions.

As MAD NIL News continues to expand its reach, and with the launch of MAD Collectives on the horizon, the sports community is interested in seeing how these platforms will influence the NIL landscape.

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MAD NIL News, a subsidiary of MAD Sports Management, specializes in providing resources and insights for athletes in the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) space. Founded by Jarred Scott, the company extends its services to include MAD Collectives, an upcoming platform designed to streamline athlete-brand collaborations.

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