M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Market Expects Integration of Technologies to Boost Revenue Till 2020

“The M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Ecosystem 2020 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals and Forecasts”
According to MarketIntelReports’ “The M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Ecosystem: 2015 – 2020 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals and Forecasts” Growth to Drive Mobile Carrier Revenue Till 2020

A M2M device can be described as a machine which communicates and transmits data to another machine with minimal or no human interference. M2M solutions have made their presence count in various devices like healthcare displays, connected cars, intelligent meters, etc. Telecom carriers have enabled devices using M2M technology connect with each other and created stable revenue streams in sectors like logistics, automotive, public safety, etc. The world around us is also flooded with IoT devices keeping track of things automatically with minimal human interference. New wearable technology is being integrated with various devices in a seamless fashion. Thus, many mobile carriers are trying to make the most of the M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Market’s offerings. The latter is well placed to register a strong amount of growth during the forecast period of 2015-2020.

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Scope & Regional Forecast of the M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Market

The M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Market considers generating revenue from wearable devices to be a key future stream. Mobile manufacturers are aggressively investing in wearable technology in an effort to make sure that they are not solely dependent on revenue from smartphones. This has resulted in a wide variety of wearables devices that are focusing on health as well as fitness, at least in the initial phase.

The M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Market is gradually beginning to make profits by integrating M2M initiatives with IoT devices and wearables. Products are being designed in huge volumes with both the consumer and industrial sectors being aimed at simultaneously. The M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Market expects telecom carriers to generate a revenue of $116 billion by 2020 through connectivity offerings alone. This kind of revenue is possible because a CAGR of more than 40% is being predicted during the forecast period.

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Segmentations & Key Players Involved in the M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Market

The M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Market can be broken down into various segments as follows:

Industry Vertical: Automotive & Transportation, Asset Management & Logistics, Consumer Electronics & Home Automation, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Agriculture, Intelligent Buildings & Infrastructure, Public Safety, Security & Surveillance, Retail & Vending and Others.

Wide Area Networking Technology: 2G & 3G Cellular, LTE & 5G Cellular, Satellite, LPWA, Wireline and Others.

Other Enabling Technologies: Energy Harvesting, Sensors, Navigation Technology, Operating Systems & Software Platforms, Cloud Computing, Big Data & Analytics and Other Technologies.

Short Range Networking Technology: WiFi Bluetooth & ZigBee and Others.

Application: Multimedia & Video, Remote Monitoring, Maintenance & Control, Metering, Tracking & Tracing, Security, Payments and Others.

Geographical Location: Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Latin & Central America, North America and Western Europe.

Some of the key players involved in the M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Market are as follows:

  • Altair Semiconductor
  • Amazon.com
  • DT (Deutsche Telekom)
  • Echelon Corporation
  • Honeywell International
  • HP (Hewlett-Packard Company) 

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