Luxy Easy Travel Ltd. Launches High-End Vacation Rental and Theme Travel Web Portal – Forever Changes The Upscale Travel Industry

Luxy Easy Travel has become the bridge between the Western World and the Eastern World. A super luxury vacation rental is the best way to appreciate an authentic cultural experience.

Vancouver, Canada – May 9, 2016 –  Luxy Easy Travel Ltd. has raised the bar in the International Luxury Vacation Rental and Theme Travel arena. They have recently launched a unique web portal specializing in ultimate high-end vacation rental opportunities all over the world. This is no average travel agency, as Luxy Travel has become the dominant force in the upscale vacation rental industry. They enable travelers from both Eastern Cultures and Western Cultures to experience the best of each. Luxy Travel provides so much more than just booking the ultimate vacation rental in local communities. They also specialize in “Theme” vacations. 

Luxy Easy Travel has entered into a non-binding Letter of Intent (“LOI”) with Urban Select Capital Corp. (TSX VENTURE:CH) on April 26, 2016. This brings Luxy Easy Travel on to next level and achieves a milestone. 

With two-way communication from West to East and from East to West, Luxy Easy Travel is a bridge between East and West. The company reports that tourists from the Western part of the world love to visit locales such as:  China, Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand. Chinese people love to travel to North America, Europe, and Australia. Staying in an upscale vacation rental right in a local community with a Private Chef and Private Butler will create memories that last a lifetime. A company founder, Jessica Chen, explains: “When Chinese people travel to Europe, they can choose to stay in a Castle to experience ancient European royal family life. When Western people travel to China, they can choose to stay in a traditional Chinese house, and hire a Chinese Chef to cook authentic Chinese food.” 

Luxy Travel takes care of everything, their Concierge Service offers: Private Chefs, Private Chauffeurs, Private Bi-Lingual Butlers, Private Jets and local event planning services. Theme Travel packages include: castle tours, golf, attending sports games, yacht tours, family tours, culture/art tours, wine tasting/culinary tours and more. Typical clients include: worldwide movie stars, Forbes entrepreneurs, CEOs, politicians, Hollywood Celebrities, luxury brand founders and others. 

Luxy Travel has also rolled-out a one-of-a-kind Travel Membership Program for those people sophisticated enough to join an elite group of travelers. Membership benefits include: Booking privileges in High Season, Membership fee waived, Personal VIP Profile, Private Travel Planner/Consultant, Members Only Vacation Homes, and special Members Only Theme Travel. 

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