Luna 13 Promoting Its Newest Dark EDM Album

Heralded for Its Unique Dark Style, Luna 13 is Popular For Its Live Shows and Gripping Sound

Vancouver – July 07, 2017 – In an EDM world where many acts are starting to sound the same, there is one act that is aiming to change the game forever. That act is Luna 13, and it is being promoted as the darkest EDM project on the planet.

Luna 13 has a new CD that will be released called LILIT. It will be released on Cleopatra Records on July 7 and is one of the most anticipated records in the genre this year.

The Hollywood, California-based group has been heralded as the Slipknot or Marilyn Manson of the EDM world. The group is led by Lilith Bathory, a prominent fetish model. Dr. Luna is the main producer for the group and has been involved in its operation since it was formed in 2012.

The group is a fully electronic act that brings electronic, industrial rock and death metal together in an amazing package. It features a powerful and deep sound with a strong groove attached to it.

The group’s dark sound is punctuated by heavily stripped down drums that go back to basics to create a primitive and gripping sound. The vocal parts are also poetic and surprising in their own nature. The distortion and sub bass primarily create sounds that are noteworthy for being rough and challenging. This all establishes a style that is unlike anything else anyone could hear.

Luna 13 has been active in the EDM world for a while and has already won two Electro/Metal awards for its intense and gritty sound. The group has even gotten exposure in the recent movie Devil’s Domain.

The band’s live shows are also amazing spectacles worth checking out. The group’s concerts are known for being just as dark as their music with impressive imagery that adds to the music. Lilith Bathory’s impressive outfits and sensual style especially add to the unique sound and feel of the music, thus creating a total experience that viewers are bound to remember well after the show ends.

People interested in learning more about Luna 13 can head to their website at

The group is also on Facebook and Instagram under the name @luna13official

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