With the launch of LumberScout for iOS and Android phones international trading just got way smarter

The archaic world of wood-related product trading is rife with inefficiencies. Given the importance of these materials in our lives one wonders how this chaotic system has survived unchallenged for so long. The launch of LumberScout harbingers a new era of global connectivity where all major and minor players in the industry interact seamlessly. The app brings everyone closer, creating an avenue to satisfy demand in a flexibly structured way: leading to higher order confirmations with vetted, qualified buyers. With LumberScout’s core focus, the fragmented world of hardwoods, softwoods, logs, paper, pulp, panels, machines, furniture, and floors is a thing of the past.

Wasting time searching for and closing deals is a chronic problem in Anglo-American territories; even more so in South America, Russia, Asia, Africa, India and the Persian Gulf. Sales inefficiency and low levels of transparency have hampered trade for centuries. LumberScout’s utilization of cutting-edge technology relegates these bothersome encumbrances to the history books. LumberScout satisfies high-volume industry sellers and buyers as well as end users.

LumberScout’s proprietary bidding system connects manufacturers, distributors, brokers and end users; providing a platform for transacting business at any time of the day. Registered professional members have an added advantage of exclusive access to trend data, credit ratings, escrow services and a reputation system. In addition to the ease of closing transactions, the LumberScout app provides a streamlined trading experience; ensuring that users benefit greatly from increased process efficiency and transparency. The application also has a news department that works day and night to keep members informed of market developments. Participants can comment on the daily news, providing unique insights into current events and be rewarded accordingly with reputation points that are accumulated in their activity profiles.

The diverse functionality of this application does not make it any less easy to use. Product uploads are as easy as it gets for sellers, and an elastic, hashtag-searchable database puts niche products in front of buyers. Digital payment integration and escrow services facilitate smooth transactions: welcome news for a jaded industry. LumberScout’s industrial focus puts it entirely in a league of its own: providing members with a solid community experience. LumberScout is available in both the App Store and Google Play.

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