Luke Van Der Veer Is Helping Successful Business Owners Build Another Stream of Passive Income Using Lead Generation

Luke Van Der Veer is the founder of Website Rental Coaching

Luke Van Der Veer is a self-made entrepreneur who has been able to achieve success through unconventional means.

Frustrated with his corporate 9-5 job, he started his own internet marketing agency which he managed to turn into a 6 figure business within just a few months. But, while he was proud of his success, he wanted something more elusive, to be able to create true time freedom. 

That is where Luke came up with the ingenious idea to create a website rental. Essentially, he would create a website in a profitable niche, automate its lead generation, then send all the qualified leads to a local business in return for a passive monthly retainer.

Luke describes his scalable business model as “digital real estate rental”, something that has all the benefits of owning and renting out physical real estate without the laundry list of headaches and tenant concerns.

He reveals that his unique process helps already successful business owners take control of their lives by reclaiming their time, the one thing money can’t buy.

Luke’s on a mission to help other successful business owners expand their portfolios of passive assets because he realizes how many are working around the clock regardless of income level.

Here’s a quote from Luke himself on why he’s so passionate about what he does…

“It’s about having an income stream that is truly residual and what that can do for someone. I’ve watched so many business owners create real time freedom, allowing them to travel, spend time with their loved ones, and get rid of the stress of constantly working. 

And best of all, it’s an active choice. When a business owner decides to reclaim his or her life, I can help them do it, and man, is it a good feeling to be a part of that.”

To discover more about Luke and how he helps business owners build passive income to get their time back, check out his website here:

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