Luis Morgillo paving the way for Venezuelan top players in the US

Luis Morgillo paving the way for Venezuelan top players in the US
Luis Morgillo (left) and Mario Ferro (right) selected as MVP players and Ideal XI of the league winners of the Southeastern Conference.

(by: Katlen Giraldo)

In an unprecedented move in Venezuelan soccer, Luis Morgillo, one of the Vinotintos most prized players will go on loan to the United State to play for top team Florida Soccer Soldiers.

Morgillo, is considered one of the best defenders having starred in Zamora FC and Deportivo La Guaira where he led those teams to win national championships. Now, the Barinese is leading a a new possibility for all Venezuelan players being lent to an international team in the United States which opens opportunities to reinvent and impact the soccer scene in the States.

Luis, who says that his goal is to win a national MLS title, has until the 2023 season to pick a team. Various Major League Soccer teams have showed interest in him.

“We are keeping our options open, Morgi is not coming here to retire rather to continue his iconic career. There are many Venezuelan fans in the United States supporting Morgi and we are excited for what is to come,” said player agent Dion Prisely.

Morgillo doesn’t only represent a new method of obtaining transfers to the US, but also indicative of the wave of topflight Venezuelan players looking to shape American soccer. For many teams the untapped Venezuelan fan base invited a considerable economic opportunity in a struggling industry.

Morgillo has already made his mark with Soccer Soldiers leading the team to win the Southeastern Conference and being chosen the Ideal XI of the league placing as the best defender in the US.

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