Low Income Dental is Now Available to Many Residents in the GTA

Although Canada can boast that most individuals qualify for government supplied health care services, dental services for the most part were left out of the picture.  This does not imply that no individuals had dental care insurance, but approximately only 60 % did and that was covered primarily by an employer’s dental plan.  For the other 40% of the Canadian population, only private insurance was available.  This left Canadians with the choice of not taking care of their dental needs or paying exorbitant amounts for dental coverage through private insurance companies.  Especially when severe dental problems occurred, and extensive work was needed, or even complete tooth replacement in the form of dentures, Canadians had few options.  Now Osmin Denture Clinic in Toronto, has stepped in to fill that void with many great financial options for a wide segment of Canadians who desperately need low income dental

Osmin Dental Clinic is now offering solutions to this ongoing problem with affordable dental.

From active young individuals to seniors, to even veterans who cannot find the financial assistance they need for their dental problems, Osmin Dental Clinicoffers such a variety of solutions there is no need anymore to suffer from dental pain and anxiety regarding dental bills. From dentures to routine dental exams and everything in between this clinic assists with the finances. Good dental hygiene should be part of everyone’s routine.  However, financial concerns can prevent this, especially for those with severe decay, the elderly, or those in need of a complete set of dentures. 

Canadians now are becoming more aware of the necessity for good oral hygiene.

This prevents problems naturally.  Unfortunately, as of 2015, statistics showed that only 60% of Canadians brushed their teeth twice a day.  40% only once a day, and some Canadians only brushed their teeth intermittently or rarely.  Osmin Denture Clinic not only stresses properly fitting dentures and restoration of teeth at an affordable cost but takes the time to educate their patients on the practice of good oral hygiene.  They provide a blog with great info on dental care as well as provide a family friendly and accessible atmosphere.  The entire practice is committed to a wide sector of Canadians, with “in home” visits and nursing facility visits, as well as wheelchair accessible premises where a patient can even remain in a wheelchair while getting dental work done. 

No longer do Canadians in the GTA need wonder where to find a low-income dentist near me.

Osmin Denture has many payment plans, and especially focuses on the needs of veterans, whether a full set of dentures is needed or other types of dental care.  There is a wide variety of programs available and they do assist others with government funding as well as offering their own type of financing.  There is no longer any need for anyone in the GTA to suffer the pain and anxiety of bad dental health.

About Osmin Denture Clinic

Osmin Denture Clinic located in Toronto serves the GTA with all types of low-income dental programs.  Dentures are a focus but so is routine care and other dental needs.  The facility is completely handicapped accessible, and offers extensive hours, Mondays through Fridays.  Emergency care is also available.  There is a chat form, a contact form, a blog, an email and a phone.  The website is: https://www.osmindenture.com.  Many languages are spoken and there is a list of those.  Osmin also has a Twitter and Facebook media presence. 

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