Lourdes Duque Baron Heads Feeling Good at Any Age, CA-Based Cutting-Edge Stem Cell Treatment Facility

Covina, California, USA – 9 Jan, 2018 – An innovative California stem cell treatment clinic, founded and led by an international entertainment superstar, has established itself as a leading stem cell therapy practice in the state. Mrs. Lourdes Duque Baron, head of the Feeling Young At Any Age Rejuvenation Center and Stem Cell Treatment Clinic, is a living and breathing example of the many benefits of stem cell therapy. The celebrated Filipina singer, actress, author, film producer, entrepreneur, and CEO and Founder of Timeless Entertainment, Inc., residing in Hollywood, CA, has undergone numerous stem cell treatments herself and has since become a great proponent of the practice.

Mrs. Duque Baron attributes her magnetic force and vast energy reserves to following a well-planned stem cell treatment regimen. In addition to its effects on her physique, and stamina, Mrs. Duque Du Baron maintains that the treatments have helped stave off the aging process, allowing her to capture her youthful, radiant glow, and look her best, at the age of 70.

Those interested in stem cell treatments can find out a treasure trove of helpful information on the Feeling Good At Any Age website, wherein Mrs. Duque Baron enthusiastically lays out the basics of stem cell therapy, going behind the scenes to reveal the stages of its development, its various applications, and the treatment process itself. The website’s content is easy to comprehend even by those with little or no background in science, as Mrs. Duque Baron describes everything in fascinating detail, yet without burdening readers with complex terminology, or redundant information.

“Feeling good at any age is, indeed, feasible,” said Mrs. Duque Baron. “I am committed to continuing to promote stem cell treatments, and spreading the word about how they can help anyone feel fresh, and rejuvenated, simply by investing in this cutting-edge, science-backed method.”

The Feeling Young At Any Age Rejuvenation Center and Stem Cell Treatment Clinic will announce any further developments with regards to its list of available treatments in future communications with the press.

To learn more about the Feeling Young at Any Age Rejuvenation Center and Stem Cell Treatment Clinic, please visit: www.fgaaaloubaronclinic.com

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