Loujaden Gladys’ Latest Book Is the Ultimate Girls Guide to Growing Up Mysteries and Girl Stuff

Loujaden Gladys’ latest book, Things I Wish I’d Known at 13: Or maybe even sooner: A Girls Guide to Girl Stuff is out now. This book is significant, especially for young girls who are on their way to become young women. 

Being a teenager is difficult because a teenager is constantly going through a physical, emotional, and psychological transformation. They feel that no one understands them, and hence they constantly rebel against every voice of authority. They are clueless and in need of guidance. Loujaden Gladys’ latest book aims to be a friend, philosopher, and guide for young girls who are becoming women. Her latest work is enriched with the things a girl must know when she’s 13. This book is a mine of information and knowledge for all the young girls out there, sharing everything they need to know about life, emotions, growing up, adulthood, and much more. 

“There are things I feel every female should be taught as they grow into young women, things they will value their entire lives,” said the author. 

Young girls need a mentor who will answer their questions about life and help them with the constant confusion. Sometimes adults around them add to their confusion by being reluctant to communicate with them. In such circumstances, a young girl loses her perspective and becomes more rebellious. 

“They are things I wish had been shared with me when I was developing into a young woman. My goal is to help these young girls”, said the author about the objective of her book. 

‘Things I Wish I’d Known at 13’ offers much-needed guidance to all young girls who are going through that most difficult phase of their life. Loujaden Gladys’ latest book is simple and easy to understand. 

Things I Wish I’d Known at 13: Or maybe even sooner: A Girls Guide to Girl Stuff is available now across all major online platforms.

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