Long Local Care Website Set Up With Expansion Plans Coming

Services Offered To Help Those In Various Communities In Need

Blacksburg, VA – February 3, 2018 – The Long Local Care website has been set up by Darel L Long to offer intriguing information on how to help various local communities. The site has been launched with a major announcement expected to be made on March 26, 2018. An outstanding announcement will be made on October 6 of the same year. The new non-profit endeavor comes as Long is aiming to help people with many of the struggles they are bearing within their lives.

The work that Long is putting into his project comes amid plenty of struggles and concerns on his end over his life. Darel Long has been able to organize many of his expenses and worries. It is with his concerns that he wishes to help people with getting out of the problems they have entered into themselves.

Long is operating the Long Local Care site at longlocalcare.org to help people with seeing what they can do to keep their lives under control. This includes helping people to find solutions for  to help others in their local communities with the many struggles they might hold.

The site will include support for a few communities at the start. These include communities around Blacksburg and Roanoke among others. The care sites are designed to help people who have extreme needs and require extra assistance to get through their lives without problems or issues.

Many of the functions will be supported by the ongoing profits Darel Long is getting off of current investments. The funds will help to support the non-profit efforts being organized.

Additional information on the Long Local Care site and the functions being offered through the site can be found online at longlocalcare.org. The site is expected to be consistently updated as new functions and services are introduced for helping people to get the most out of their lives.

Media Contact
Company Name: Long Local Care
Contact Person: Darel Lynwood Long
Email: support@longlocalcare.org
Phone: 540-206-9257
Country: United States
Website: www.longlocalcare.org