Long Beach, CA Orthodontist Explains the Dangers of DIY Teeth Straightening

“Dr. Marvis Sorrell”
Dr. Sorrell has been bringing smiles to the local community for over 34 years.

Long Beach, CA – 30/6/2017 Longbeach CA Orthodontist, Dr. Marvis Sorrell spoke to Doctor Relations about the recent news that highlighted the increase in DIY teeth straightening methods that have become quite popular on the internet, explaining why they should be avoided. Some of these methods include using rubber bands or wires and strings to attempt closing the gaps between teeth. 

Dr. Sorrell, disheartened by how much people were harming themselves, went on to explain that teeth straightening has greatly been misunderstood. The first thing she mentioned was that the factors that cause teeth not to be straight may not be as simple as people imagine. And correcting this condition should not be assumed to be simple enough to be self-prescribed.

The orthodontist, who has expertise in 9 areas of dentistry including the correction of crooked teeth using aligners and braces, as well as a specialty in orthodontics, went on to explain the negative effects of a DIY treatment. She said that the use of rubber bands and wires could make the situation worse than it was at the beginning. These methods can cause infection that comes with excruciating pain, and may damage the roots of the teeth and the gums, which may cause eventual loss of teeth and may require expensive treatment to correct.

Attempts at avoiding the cost of treatment end up skyrocketing up to approximately $45,000 due to the damage caused. She advises the public to let the professionals handle their dental issues and avoid unorthodox treatment methods.

Dr. Sorrell has been bringing smiles to the local community for over 34 years, restoring their confidence by giving them a chance at a healthy and beautiful smile. She requests that this information be circulated to as many people as possible so they don’t expose themselves to more serious health problems.

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