London School of Emerging Technology (LSET) Launches Expert Series

London School of Emerging Technology (LSET) Launches Expert Series
Discover the future of AI gaming and beyond with LSET’s expert series, delving into the transformative power of Google’s SIMA technology.
Embark on a Journey of Innovation. Introducing LSET’s Expert Series Featuring Google’s SIMA, Redefining AI Gaming and Beyond

London, UK – April 29, 2024 – The London School of Emerging Technology (LSET) is proud to announce the kickoff of its Expert Series with an exclusive session dedicated to Google’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence innovation – SIMA, the Scalable Instructable Multiworld Agent. This session, to be held on 29th April 2024, will delve into the intricacies of SIMA’s capabilities, from mastering video game environments to its potential applications across various industries. 

Topics Covered:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence? 

  • SIMA: Google’s DeepMind Expert 

  • Understanding SIMA 

  • Training Process 

  • Features and Capabilities 

Google DeepMind recently unveiled its latest AI gaming agent, SIMA, designed to navigate video game environments using natural language instructions. Unlike previous AI systems, SIMA boasts adaptability across diverse gaming scenarios, heralding a new era of AI gaming interaction. 

“SIMA represents a milestone in AI research, developed by Google DeepMind, renowned for its pioneering work in machine learning and neural networks. SIMA leverages two primary components – an image-language model and a video model – enabling it to comprehend and interact within virtual gaming environments efficiently,“ said Mayur Ramgir, Principal Instructor at LSET. 

What Makes SIMA Unique?

SIMA stands out as a generalist AI, adaptable across various 3D gaming settings, with a unique blend of reinforcement learning, imitation learning, and self-supervised pretraining. Its ethical approach ensures responsible applications in real-world tasks beyond gaming. 

Training Process:

SIMA’s training process mimics human learning, employing reinforcement learning, imitation learning, and self-supervised pretraining. This methodology empowers SIMA to learn and adapt swiftly across different gaming environments. 

Features and Capabilities:

  • Language Understanding 

  • Multi-Environment Transfer 

  • Generalisation Capacity 

  • Broad Action Repertoire 

  • Continual Learning 

  • Zero-Shot Learning Technology

SIMA excels in applying knowledge from previous games to master new ones without additional training, showcasing its remarkable adaptability and efficiency. 

How Learning SIMA Technology Helps in Career Advancement: 

Healthcare: Advanced medical imaging analysis, drug discovery, and precision medicine. 

Robotics and Automation: Autonomous systems, human-robot interaction, and neuromorphic engineering. 

Finance and FinTech: Algorithmic trading, risk management, and fraud detection. 

This session promises to provide invaluable insights into the future of AI gaming and its transformative potential across industries. Join us to explore the frontier of AI innovation with Google’s SIMA. 

Date: 29.04.2024 

Time: 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM 

Location: London School of Emerging Technology, (30 Churchill Place, London, E14 5EU)

For registration, please visit our website.


About London School of Emerging Technology: 

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