Logilab SDMS for Instrument Data Management – Less risk, more value

Logilab SDMS for Instrument Data Management - Less risk, more value
We knew when we started out years ago that we needed to position ourselves as a pioneer of change. The field we chose warranted no less than that. Looking back at what we’ve achieved, and the various revolutionary changes we’ve helped labs enjoy over the years, we can finally admit that we are achieving those goals and are still on track to provide better, more sophisticated solutions that excel in terms of quality, value & compliance” – Mukunth Venkatesan, Founder & CEO – Agaram Technologies.
For labs of all kinds, standalone instruments create data silos and dark data. Logilab SDMS steps in to automate instrument data capture, and build a single source of truth, that ensures and improves ease of compliance, security, and integrity. It offers secured instrument data file storage via an FTP server, more accountable role-based user access, and automated data parsing capabilities.

Chennai, India – Agaram Technologies (https://www.agaramtech.com/) is a leading global software solutions provider for analytical instrument manufacturers, laboratories, and laboratory automation service providers. The Logilab SMDS is a scientific data management and instrument integration solution. It is designed to help laboratories to implement an ALCOA single source of truth during scientific data archival and retrieval, In essence, the Logilab SMDS is the core of an ecosystem that modern laboratories rely on. It serves to ease the strain of unstructured data from instruments and legacy laboratory software applications. The Logilab SMDS ensures analysts, scientists, and researchers can store lab data more securely and retrieve them quickly and easily. Overall, it functions to ensure regulatory compliance by improving data integrity, while augmenting collaboration and speeding up approval protocols.

Ensuring versatile data capture, the Logilab SDMS provides a one-size-fits-all, automatic instrument data capture solution for a huge range of computer systems and instruments. To streamline the data capture process, the software offers several features. They include an API interface to ease integration, multi-file format support, TC/I- and RS3232 protocols support, and the ability to preserve original file formats. 

The Logilab SDMS data scheduler enables security and automation when it comes to filing handling. Besides live capture, it also encompasses time-based scheduling options that help to minimize human intervention even further. It also leverages a file delete policy that counters server duplication, while offering advanced file filters to ease discovery. 

Logilab SDMS provides a comprehensive data explorer to improve the speed and ease of data searches. This user interface is simple-to-use and offers a wide range of search criteria so that lab personnel can narrow down searches to a tee. File content preview further accelerates the swiftness of search, while secured data access is implemented by way of a user, role-based search model. Furthermore, compliance is efficient as users have the ability to review and approve, complete with unique electronic signatures. 

Staying on the matter of compliance, Logilab SDMS also incorporates measures to help toe the line as far as the US FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulatory compliance is concerned, such as a virtual, in-built, PDF printer. The software provides print & PDF functionality to ensure the availability of data in human-readable format, a compulsory requirement by the above statutory regulation. 

Logilab SDMS further provides comprehensive instrument data tagging capabilities, in order to configure data or metadata encompassing sample, project, and batch number, among others. This allows for the rational segregation of data, which again eases and hastens instrument data searches. 

Thanks to the audit trails module, Logilab SDMS also streamlines tracking troubleshooting and regulatory compliance. This module details system and user actions, including failed logins, log-offs, log-ins, downloads, uploads and so much more. Relying on the EU’s Eudralex Annex 11 and US FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulatory requirements the software further enables administrators to configure password policies as required. 

The problem of non-compliant instruments is also another huge thorn in the foot for laboratories reaching for compliance. It’s almost become a runaway train today because vendors have little motivation to ensure instruments and software solutions conform to US FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. The size of this market is quite small in comparison to the cumulative, worldwide marketplace. Hence, it’s a status quo that looks to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Logilab SDMS offers laboratories and manufacturers the power to run non-compliant software or software lacking compliance-related features, thanks to the CFR gateway. This feature allows the use of non-compliant software and automates file generation tracking to ease compliance. 

All in all, Logilab SDMS eliminates data integrity risks and by extension compliance bottlenecks as well while providing lab workflows with better visibility and control over their data. It also ensures better efficiency in laboratory data management.

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