Local Water Damage Restoration Company Prepares For The Wet Season

Dangerous weather can occur anywhere at anytime, particularly in the southern states, but that doesn’t mean that a homeowner needs to suffer the damages lightly. Water damage is a large problem during the rainy season in Georgia, and that can mean floods and flood damage. From storm damage to burst pipes, Atlanta Water Damage Pros has the professional workmanship and levels of customer satisfaction to help put to rights whatever type of damage Mother Nature can dish out.

Atlanta, GA – Atlanta Water Damage Pros have been located in the Atlanta area since 2002 and have been providing services for cleanup following some of the most severe water disasters in recent history, including Hurricane Ivan. But homeowners don’t need to be experiencing a disaster in order to require the services provided by the company. From leaky faucets to broken pipes, and even sewage backups, Atlanta Water Damage Pros helps homeowners struck with even minor disasters to properly dry their valuables, cleanup and sanitize the affected area, and provide water damage restoration as needed.

The faster the initial restoration team can arrive at the location, the better chance they have of minimizing potential damage and save any valuables. When it comes to damage caused by floods and leaks, time is of the essence. If water damage isn’t taken care of promptly, it can lead to mold, which requires specialized equipment and professional care to completely eradicate. In addition to mold, water damage can cause wooden surfaces like floors and support beams to become structurally unsound. While both of these problems result from water damage, they are far harder to detect by sight alone.

“Any sort of disaster can be frustrating to say the least,” explains Tom Campbell, a spokesman for the company. “We do everything we can to get ourselves on-site as quickly as possible, including working with local insurance companies in order to get your claim processed faster. We handle everything from drying and recovering as many of your valuables as possible, extracting the water itself and checking for damage, and restoring your home or business in as little time as possible. Some of the things we come up against are avoidable, sure, but even more of them are just disasters. It’s frustrating and stressful, and we want to take as much of that off our customers as we can, which is why we do so much.”

Atlanta Water Damage Pros set the bar for fast emergency services in preventing disaster from consuming property and valuables. The company has the ability to streamline a water cleanup and extraction by quickly helping each insurance claim to be processed faster, meaning faster restoration of each property. Having close ties with 97% of the insurance companies in Atlanta, they work closely with each in order to process insurance claims quickly, so that the real work can begin. Atlanta Water Damage Pros helps homeowners to put the pieces back together after a flood or other water related disaster, and helps their clients to move back into their homes without a big hassle.

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