Local Records Office Explains Why Homeowners Are Receiving Letters By Mail After Refinancing

Local Records Office Explains Why Homeowners Are Receiving Letters By Mail After Refinancing

LOS ANGELES, CA – Local Records Office in Los Angeles, California distributes property history reports to new homeowners all over the United States. If you’re wondering what this is, you are not alone. There have been reports that homeowners have been receiving letters from the Local Records Office but some people are confused about what it’s for and how to purchase it. This section will be explaining why some homeowners are receiving a letter by mail while others are not. 

Local Records Office sends out promotional letters by mail to homeowners who recently refinanced a home and to new homeowners who recently purchased a house or land. Homeowners are not required to pay the small $94.00 service fee that the promotional letters have. 

Why Are Homeowners Receiving A Letter After Refinancing A House? 

New homeowners who have recently refinanced a house or land will usually get a promotional letter from the Local Records Office by mail to offer the property owner a non-mandatory property history report that consists of: 

  • Population ratio
  • Copy of the deed
  • Foreclosure activity in the area
  • Student-to-teacher ratio
  • Crime activity
  • Land value
  • And much more 

The information is up-to-date from the day the report was first purchased. None of the data is old or out-of-date. 

Why Would Homeowners Need a Property History Report? 

The property history report is useful for many reasons. Unfortunately, real estate agents and brokers are too busy trying to seal a deal to receive the commission that they neglect to give full details on the properties they sell or refinance. Even if the real estate agent and broker did deep research on the property they sell they wouldn’t be able to get a hold of the same information the Local Records Office offers. The company works with government counties across the United States to provide customers with details that real estate brokers and agents are not able to get. A small fee of $94.00 has to be implemented. 

Copy of the Deed 

Having a copy of the deed is important with the rise of online identity theft. Crooks will go as far as refinancing a property without the owner knowing with a fake driver’s license and identification pretending to be the homeowner. Another reason to have an up-to-date copy of your home’s deed is that sometimes only one homeowner is listed other times the names are misspelled. These are only a few reasons to have a recent copy of your deed. 

Homeowners Received a Second Letter 

Local Records Office sends out a second promotional letter just in case the homeowner has a family member or neighbor that they would like to refer to, the family member or neighbor will receive the same property history report but for a reduced fee. 

How Long Does it Take to Receive the Property History Report in the Mail? 

The company starts getting to work as soon as the order gets received. From the beginning to the end it will usually take around 15-21 days. What makes the process take 15-21 days is waiting for the county where the property is located to respond with some of the data. 

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