Local Property Services Company Announces Expanded Service Area for 2016

Ajax, ON, Canada – Warmer weather always gets people thinking more about their property. Let’s face it, there’s just more to do when the weather starts to warm up. Some may find that their vinyl siding and patio furniture could use a good spraying down. Others may begin thinking about the necessity of landscaping or removing a tree that died over the winter. For those looking to be the envy of the neighborhood, Algonquin Property Services Inc offers a variety of services to keep residential and commercial properties looking their best, no matter the season.

When the winter weather hits, there isn’t much to do when it comes to general property maintenance, other than clearing away snow and putting down ice melt on the sidewalk. For commercial buildings, owners may need to call in a snow clearing service-Like Algonquin Property Services-to clean up parking lots. But it’s the aftermath of all that snow and salt that often leads residents of the Durham area thinking about property maintenance options in warmer weather.

Algonquin Property Services remain busy year-round, but some of their most chaotic times begin to fall when the temperature rises. Landscaping, one of their biggest fields of expertise, is something clients don’t think about until they can actually see their yards after a snow melt. Property is a big investment, and maintaining or upgrading it is a bigger one. Algonquin Property Services employs a highly trained and professional landscaping staff with years of experience on the job. The company is more than happy to help with gardening and general lawn care, tree planting or removal, patio design and construction, paving, interlocking, and more.

“One of our most popular services in the spring and summer is our power washing,” intones Mike Chambers, a spokesman for the company. “It isn’t until everything starts to melt off and the spring rains start to come and go that people begin to notice all the mud and grime on their homes. And when you pull your patio furniture out of storage, a lot of the time you’ll start feeling like the furniture and the deck you’re putting it on has seen better days. Pressure washing is a fast and relatively cheap service that renews the look of a property in no time. It’s sort of like a facelift for your home or commercial building.”

Depending on the preferences of the client, Algonquin Property Services can provide property maintenance on a year-round or seasonal basis-of course, things like snow removal and garden care are going to be available on a strictly seasonal schedule. With over 20 years worth of exceptional landscaping, window cleaning, power washing, and snow removal, the company comes with the credentials to service the better part of the Durham area, commercial and residential properties alike. The workers at Algonquin Property Services set premium standards for landscape design and other such services each day on the job, and will have any property whipped into shape in no time.

About the Company: 

Algonquin Property Services Inc is located at 2053 Audley Rd, Ajax, ON L1Z 0L2, Canada.

They can be reached by calling 905-428-1844 or by visiting their website http://algonquin1.com/

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