Local man falls off roof sparking safety concerns in the Industry

Local man falls off roof sparking safety concerns in the Industry
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Roof safety – people get up on their roofs and fall off so how to do it safely/ local man falls off roof

Dallas, Texas – Recently, a local man fell off of his roof trying to repair a leak. His family reports that while he was injured, he got very lucky according to his doctors, and things could have turned out much worse for him. The accident has garnered a surprisingly large response, with an even more surprising amount of criticism – many people condemning his actions as irresponsible and unintelligent.

However, one local company is asking the community not to be so hard on the man.

“He was just trying to take care of his home. Leaks are serious business, and he wanted to handle it on his own before it got out of hand. Of course, these things are best left to professionals – but you also can’t fault a man for doing his best to take care of things. Although, there are a number of safety precautions that should be taken – precautions that might have saved him some pain and recovery time,” stated a representative of Commercial Dallas Roofer.

Commercial Dallas Roofer is a Dallas roofing company that is a well known fixture in the area. The company provides roofing services throughout the region, and they also do Arlington commercial roofing.

When asked to elaborate on those safety precautions, the company representative explained, “Never do these types of tasks alone, always have a buddy. Otherwise, you could end up on the ground or in the snow and not be found for hours. Always wear a safety harness, you can buy them but they’re rentable too. Only work in cool, calm weather. Wear shoes with clean soles and sweep the roof so that you can have as much traction as possible.”

Although at the end of the day, it’s not recommended. Professionals who have been trained to do things correctly and safely should always be contacted first. Look for a reliable commercial roofer, such as Commercial Dallas Roofer, to handle any issues that arise.

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