Revolutionizing real estate industry through Online Programing, Real Estate Seminars, and Mobile App

Widely renowned for its great exploits in investment and real estate industry, LKHS Open Space Real Estate Brand goes a step further in giving flexibility and premium services to the people of America, by releasing a new mobile application, launching a new LKHS TV Show channel on YouTube which will take off by July 4th, 2018 and lastly by putting in place 18 Day Investor Seminar. Furthermore, the LKHS YouTube TV channel was launched in order to promote real estate and lifestyle branding, discussing furniture, decoration, buying and selling of real estate properties etc. Also, the newly launched LKHS Open Space App can be downloaded on iOS, Window and Android platforms by all investors to have a greater experience. Through this app, investors and the general public can interact and share their real estate experience with each other.

The newly launched LKHS Open Space real estate show will be used to discuss many issues related to buying and selling of real estate property, buying advice and lot of selling cues, furniture, vacation rentals, selling advice and many more. Many real estate ideas and issues will also be openly discussed so that everyone, whether they are investors or not, will be able to learn a great deal as the show unfolds.

 LKHS Open Space also launches its real estate seminar “18 Day Investor” Seminar; This is a workshop through which every American who is passionate about making a living from real estate will be taught the nitty-gritty of the trade without holding back any useful investment tips and advice from them. In addition to that, the 18 Day Real Estate Investor Course has been designed to let people know that there is no big deal or secrets in investing in real estate and that what limits people is their thought and worldview. Therefore, to get out of the restraining thought, the 18 Day Real Estate Seminar Course will be an avenue to teach people how to get out of their thought, invest and make money with less difficulty.

Unlike many other investor seminars and TV shows, the 18 Day Investor Seminar and the newly launched TV show, as well as the mobile app, are different and totally unique. This is because while many other seminars give investors and upcoming real estate agents a broad overview of the process with up-selling as the end goal and making money for themselves as the result, the ultimate goals of the 18 Day Investor Seminar, Mobile App and the LKHS Open Space TV show are to empower everyone and help upcoming investors achieve their dream of becoming successful individual without paying through their nose. Through its Seminars and TV shows, LKHS Open Space will help everyone to successfully monetize their time, get returns on investments, clearly identify the timelines it will take to achieve the set goals and see real results in no time. Simply put the LKHS Open Space TV Show on YouTube, Mobile App and the 18 Day Real Estate Investor Workshop are created to help everyone overcome the typical obstacles, dead ends, and missteps in the real estate industry.

By making optimal use of social networking, digital integration and clear direction in its approach, the LKHS Open Space Real Estate Brand helps everyone to find their feet in the muddy and clumsy water of real estate investment. Another thing that makes LKHS Open Space Brand stands out is the fact that there is no up-selling, no hidden charge, no selling of USB and CD at the end of each seminar. While the seminar is totally free, experienced and successful investors will be the one speaking and doling out useful information that can later be easily monetized by everyone who eventually attends the seminar.  

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