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02 May, 2016 – It is true that everyone loves to flaunt a six pack ab or well toned ab, but achieving it can be a hard and challenging task. People often don’t have the time to spend endless hours for performing ab workouts in the gym that prevents them from having abs that look great. Even though there are many ways available on TV and the interest to get stunning abs, those methods are not very effective. It can be a fat burning pill which claims to torch the accumulated fat in the body within a few hours or an expensive ab workout machine that would eat up your hard earned money. However, the best option available in the market is the Electric Ab belts, which are popularly known as EMS belts. As there are various electric ab belts available in the market, it can be a tedious decision for a buyer to find the best one with many impressive features to get the most value for the money spent on buying it. This is where the website of comes in. This helpful site would guide you towards the pros and cons of the top 3 Ab belts available in the market.

The major advantage that one would get from an Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS belt is that it performs contraction of your abdominal muscles by producing a series of electric currents at a gentle pace to stimulate the core muscles. This is similar to the ab muscle contraction that occurs while you perform pushups or sit-ups. This site would inform you that the top 3 ab belts in the market are the Flex Belt, the Contour Ab belt and the slendertone belt. Of these products, the Flex Belt review found at tell you that it is an FDA cleared product which gives you the assurance that it is completely safe for use. The major advantage of purchasing this belt is the guarantee it offers in stimulating the core muscles of your abdomen to give an intense effect to your upper abs, oblique and lower abs. the best thing about this Flex Belt is that it contracts your stomach muscles up to 150 times per session of 30 minutes.

The second best selling products according to the site of Live to Fitness is the contour Ab belt that can help individuals flaunt a well toned mid section. The third one on the list is the Slendertone belt that is very effective and is clinically proven to make the stomach flat in just 4 to 6 weeks’ time by wearing it for 20 minutes daily.

The detailed reviews explain to buyers about the safety of the device by mentioning whether it is cleared by FDA, whether it has CE symbol and complies with the requirements of Medical Device Directive and whether the ab belts have under gone clinical trials.

About is a useful site for those who wish flaunt great looking abs without wasting time in performing tough ab workouts or spending a lot on exercise machines. This site provides expert reviews about electronic ab belts that can work on the stomach muscles to offer well toned abs.

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