Liver Helpline India Provides Information for International Patients to Take Liver Transplant Procedure in India

Liver Helpline India Provides Information for International Patients to Take Liver Transplant Procedure in India

We are there to help you. We provide complete treatment for liver disease & liver transplant in Delhi, India.
Liver Helpline India provides information for international patients to take their medication in India. The goal is to help more people with liver diseases.

Liver Helpline India, one of India’s liver transplants helpline center, conducted by Dr. Shailendra Lalwani, announces that they provide comprehensive information for international patients who are seeking liver medication in India. The purpose of this service is to help more people with liver disease to get proper medication. This is also because millions of people around the world are diagnosed with liver disease. The worst part is the medical centers in their countries don’t have tools or professionals to handle the problem. The representative of the Liver Helpline India explained, “Liver disease is one of the deadliest diseases. This disease causes up to over 1.16 million deaths in 2019. It attacks adults and even children. We can’t let this problem go without any solution. That’s why we try to facilitate people around the world to come to our country for liver transplant. International patients only have to follow the procedure before taking the liver transplantation in India.”

The liver transplantation in India by Dr. Shailendra Lalwani specializes in several procedures. International patients can consult about acute liver failure, liver disease because of alcohol, biliary disease, and hepatitis. The procedure also covers a liver transplant procedure for children. The Liver Helpline India representative stated, “Crucial thing in the liver transplant procedure is finding the most compatible donor. One of the roles of liver transplant in Delhi is to find the best donor for the patient. The donors also have to send their health reports. The professional team from the transplant center will check the health reports. The team has to match the patient and donor as well as make sure that they are ready to do the transplant procedure.”

Liver Helpline India representative also explained, “International patients can consult about their plan to do a liver transplant procedure with us. They can ask anything they want to know, including liver transplant cost in India. Once they are ready, they can fill the requirements before starting a liver transplant procedure in one of the reliable liver transplants in India. It takes time, but the procedure is for the safety of the patient and donor.”

About Liver Helpline India:

Liver Helpline India is a liver transplant helpline center in Delhi, India. The liver transplant by Dr. Shailendra Lalwani is ready to handle a variety of problems such as acute liver failure, alcoholic liver disease, biliary disease, hepatitis, and others. Liver transplant and treatment by Dr. Shailendra Lalwani also welcomes international patients.

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