Listing websites, review and rating systems, can they be trusted in 2020?

Listing websites, review and rating systems, can they be trusted in 2020?

The mission for any listing websites are to save time, money and stress when choosing a business for needs. They do not believe in small print and we ensure the needs of the consumer are top priority!” That seems like a good thing to aim for, but it is impossible for a listing website to monitor every transaction between clients and their “trusted” partners. It is a beautiful thing to buy local and we totally encourage it but how does Trusted Regina can stay impartial with all businesses and not favor certain businesses.

Reviews and comments

Another thing that with listing  company was the fact that almost every review they have on google were posted on the same day and they are all 5 stars reviews. The few non 5 star reviews online about this company were met with comments like “we have never done business with this person” and even “Legal action is pending on this individual” from one of the owners Sara Wheelwright. We are not saying that Trusted Regina should not be trusted, it is just a little strange that most of their reviews were posted at the same time and that they are all 5 stars. It just seems a little off.

We are observing is the fact that some negative comment seems to have been deleted completely. For example, in a blog article written on December 10th 2015 on the official website of Trusted Regina, there is a mention of a bad review made by someone named “Trevor Lien” on their google reviews. It is a 2 star review about the fact that Trevor does not trust Trusted Regina since he considers that they are an advertising company, not an endorsement third party. There is even a screenshot of that review, strangely enough, it is nowhere to be found today.

Advertising in a new way

Companies that are listed on this website have to pay an annual membership fee to have access to the visibility provided by Trusted Regina. This membership fee is used to promote Trusted Regina and it’s members via digital marketing in Regina mostly. It is not illegal or wrong to do so but it should be written more clearly on their website to make sure people understand what Trusted Regina actually is, an advertising company.

Being on Trusted Regina

Having your company listed on Trusted Regina is not a bad thing. Although, you should keep in mind that it is still a business and not a free service. As any other company, they are there to make money and that might create a bias in what company they advertise. We are not saying to stop going to Trusted Regina to find good local companies, just to be aware of the facts that were discussed in this article.

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