Listed WV Artist Swartzmiller creates Unique Paintings with Unique “DNA” Signature “Saving the Planet, with one Upcycled Painting at a Time”

NEW CUMBERLAND, WV – Since 2004, Impressionist painter Mike Swartzmiller has signed all his paintings with a very unique signature.  Just with his last name, but the uniqueness lies underneath the signature, as he adds small snippets of his hair.  

With breakthrough forensic methods of DNA identification through hair samples, the original Swartzmiller painting you purchase today contains the ultimate provenance and authenticity for the future, just look under the signature.

Swartzmiller Art, as most businesses, had to address the impact that COVID had on sales.  Instead of displaying in Art Galleries, Furniture Stores, Coffee Shops and Fairs and Festivals; Mike took his unique works with the unique signature to the Internet. 

The first stop was an “eBay Only Cardboard Art Campaign” that exploded with people collecting original Swartzmiller paintings on raw or advertising cardboard.  The idea of using cardboard came as a way to “Save the Planet” by Upcycling Cardboard, the sheer abundance of cardboard that is lightweight that can be shipped at a relatively low price. The “eBay Only” campaign, to date, is in its 193th week selling over 2000 straight paintings at auction.  Cardboard Art truly creates unique one-of-a-kind works of art, as cardboard brings character to the work that canvas can’t provide; “Do you have an Impressionist Blue Cat on WISE POTATO CHIPS cardboard?”


Besides eBay auctions, Mike’s eBay Store,, sells traditional paintings on canvas and other “Found” items Paintings: ceiling tiles, old Music Paper, antique wallpaper and mannequins. Mike’s website, is an e-commerce site selling paintings at an Affordable Price with Fast and Free Shipping.  Swartzmiller Art is also available on

Besides the success of the “eBay” Only Cardboard Art Project, artist Swartzmiller’s other works on traditional stretched canvas and highly collectible ACEO trading cards have increase in sales and value, since the COVID paradigm shift.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Mike turned to painting as an escape from the stress of several high-profile jobs, usually at night with a glass or two of Cabernet.  The escape turned into an addiction in creating OOAK original “Painterly Impressionist” paintings, all signed with his unique DNA signature.

The vast majority of Mike’s works are themed studies of cats, wine, playful nudes and portraits. Swartzmiller paintings hang in 49 US states [Hawaii] a couple of Canadian Provinces and a Beach House in Aruba.

In addition to viewing the stated websites, please feel free to Google Mike Swartzmiller or Swartzmiller Art to see photos and read more about the WV Artist Mike Swartzmiller, the only artist with the “DNA” signature since 2004. 

If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Mike Swartzmiller at [304] 670-5563 or email: or visit: contact page.

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