Liquidus Foundation Unveils Blockchain Web Dashboard: ‘Expanding Accessibility and Empowering Users’

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The Liquidus Foundation, renowned for its innovative DeFi app, is thrilled to announce the launch of its much-anticipated second product: the Liquidus Web Dashboard. Scheduled for release on Januar 19, 2024, this new platform is set to streamline the way users interact with decentralized finance online.

Building upon the success and robust features of the Liquidus app, the Web Dashboard takes user experience to the next level. It encapsulates all the functionalities of the mobile application, offering enhanced accessibility and user engagement through a comprehensive and user-friendly web interface. This strategic expansion signifies the Foundation’s commitment to making decentralized financial tools more accessible and user-centric.

Key Features of the Liquidus Web Dashboard:

Expanded Accessibility: Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, the Web Dashboard is accessible with any compatible wallet, ensuring users can choose their wallet provider.

Seamless Integration: It perfectly integrates with the existing Liquidus app, providing a synchronized experience across platforms.

Enhanced User Experience: With its user-focused design, the Dashboard offers an enriched visual and interactive experience, making financial management both efficient and enjoyable.

“The launch of the Liquidus Web Dashboard marks a significant milestone in our journey,” said A.O. Head of PR, of Liquidus Foundation. “We are excited to offer our users a more accessible and powerful tool to manage their decentralized crypto holdings. This innovation is a testament to our commitment to continuously improve and adapt in the ever-evolving financial landscape.”

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About Liquidus Foundation:

Founded in 2021, the Liquidus Foundation has been at the forefront of decentralized financial technology innovation. With its first product, the Liquidus app, the Foundation has established a reputation for developing reliable, user-friendly financial tools. The introduction of the Web Dashboard further solidifies its position as a leader in the FinTech industry.

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