Liquidity Provider EliteFox continues to impress at Lebanon Forex Expo and Conference

Companies, industry experts and individuals from all around the world recently gathered at the Lebanon Forex Expo and Conference to discuss major issues and ideas in the foreign exchange markets. The conference had brought together multiple investors and industry leaders with various backgrounds to come together. Out of all the companies that attended the conference, EliteFox stood out as one of the most innovative companies of the conference. EliteFox is a liquidity provider company that provides innovative investment solutions to market participants from all backgrounds. Since its establishment in March 2022, the company’s operations have continued to expand all around the globe and benefited their associates tremendously. 

EliteFox is the first liquidity provider that allows market participants to join a liquidity provider’s business operations as profit-sharing members of the company. The approach is made possible by EliteFox’s Quantum Asset Pooling System (QAPS), a pool of funds that allows associates of the company to gather their funds and take on winning orders in the Forex market through the liquidity provider’s business operations.

The innovative model has been proven to be a success with over 10,000 associates from all around the world joining EliteFox’s operations since its official debut.

At the conference speech, Charles Jefferson, the Chief Executive Officer of EliteFox, said, ‘As a retail trader, the chances of you being profitable in trading Forex is very slim. Statistics have shown that 70-75% of retail traders lose money in their first year of trading Forex, the other 20-25% lose money in the next five years. The reason so many traders fail to be profitable in the markets is because individual traders have inadequate knowledge and capital, they are also competing against large numbers of automated trading bots, quants and algorithms. In today’s markets, without access to the right technology, retail traders are almost guaranteed to get eaten by larger players in the Forex market. Not to mention that the brokerage might even be taking the other side of the client’s trades, resulting in a conflict of interest between the client and the brokerage.

The reason for EliteFox’s success is that we utilize modern day financial technology and innovative thinking to enhance our business operations. We have created the first-ever model which allows our associates to participate in the markets directly as a liquidity provider. In the past, the barriers for an individual trader to approach a liquidity provider were very high due to limited capital and trade volumes. We have removed this barrier by allowing our associates to pool their funds through QAPS. This strengthens the liquidity capacity of the company and allows us to take on more orders. As a result, the profits generated from QAPS will be shared between our associates and the company.’

EliteFox continues to impress market participants from all around the world. The company vows to bring innovation, transparency and trustworthy investments for participants around the globe. 

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