LINTTOP Shipped Order For Rigid Frame Stranding Machine to Algeria

As a leading wire and cable machine supplier, LINTTOP works closely with global wire and cable manufacturers. A rigid frame stranding machine recently ordered by an Algerian cable manufacturer is about to be delivered, and we look forward to our customers receiving the machine as soon as possible.

rigid frame stranding machine

LINT TOP’s rigid frame stranding machine adopts the most advanced wire break stop device at present, which can directly control each wire bobbin. When any wire bobbin breaks, the main frame will automatically stop in an emergency. To ensure the supplementary line after a breaking, especially suitable for the production of power cables and high-pressure cross-linked cables. At the same time, LINT TOP’s rigid frame stranding machine equipment has high rigidity, good overall performance, small moment of inertia, and high operating speed. The equipment can ensure that the 630mm2 copper core with a compact density of more than 90% is drawn, twisted, and compacted to meet the large cross-section cross-linked cable stranding needs.

LINTTOP’s commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond providing quality machines. Our experienced logistics team carefully coordinates shipments to ensure timely and safe transportation from China to Algeria. We understand the importance of efficient logistics in meeting project deadlines and minimizing customer downtime.

As we continue to expand our global presence, LINTTOP will remain committed to providing unparalleled products and services. We strive to strengthen the cooperative relationship with wire and cable manufacturers around the world, and consistently provide the highest quality machinery and equipment to meet the special requirements of customers. We look forward to serving you and meeting your needs for machinery and equipment.

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