Li-Ning Badminton Shop Providing the Best Quality and Discount Products

Looking for good quality products for badminton sport is a bit confusing at times. provides the best when you are most in need.

They are a legit dealer with authenticated Li Ning Badminton Products like shoes, rackets, apparel and also any other accessories useful for you. As we know, Li-Ning is a successful brand from China and a leading supplier for the field of Badminton products. There are Li-Ning shoes, rackets, t shirts, hand and knee accessories, head band etc in the market today.

Li-Ning has also sponsored many famous badminton players in the past and also for the complete China Badminton Team since 2010.

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Service Provided

This particular online store has to offer you is all the Li-Ning products required for you in your sport. When it comes to the customer service of the store, its quiet convenient for the customers in many ways and few of their services are –

· Shipment of the ordered product within 2 days.

· They ship their products to US, Australia and Canada conveniently according to the working hours of these countries.

· For US, Australia/Canada, Europe and other countries the shipment arrives at 8-22, 10-25, 8-22 and 9-45 working days respectively.

· With a few extra costs they do ship you through express post – EMS (4-15 working days) and also send through FEDEX/DHL/TNT which might take only 4 to 8 days to receive.

Return and Replacement policies

The Li-Ning Badminton Shop does provide you with return and
replacement policies. The product should the same condition as it was when you received it. The product should have the vendor notice and tags which is very important when you return or replace it. There might be a pick up and returning cost. But the product should be returned in 30 days; otherwise it will not be accepted.

Exclusive Policies

Free shipping- Minimum Orders -The shipping charge for most of the products in the store is for free unlike other websites online. Also they
make sure that the product is received on time without any delay. The shop does not take the free of shipping charge for granted to delay the delivery of the products as they understand the needs of their customers.

Free Exchange Policies – The replacement of any product, if the customer is not happy is again for free. They immediately replace the products once your returned product reaches them. The free exchange apply only once to the original order only. Customized cloths and rackets cannot be exchanged
and also all sales would be final for these items.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Return Policy- If you are not completely happy with the product, you can simply return to them and go through
a simple return process. The amount will be repaid to you following the return. Remember the return should happen within 30 days. All the payments are 100% authentic by PayPal Verified Dealer


Li-Ning Badminton Shoes – Shoes are most important accessories when it comes to Badminton. Your legs should be protected most due to the running and tendency to injure them is high. The Li-Ning online store provides you with best Li-Ning shoes available.

Some of the other products are: Li-Ning Racket which can be customized
according to the need, clothing for Badminton included for Men and Women, Hand and knee accessories etc.

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