Linguista USA Opens in San Francisco: A New Approach to English Language Learning

Linguista USA launches in San Francisco, providing English language and educational consulting services aimed at inclusivity and community support.

Linguista USA, a new online language learning platform, announces its establishment in San Francisco. Founded in February 2023, the company focuses on English language instruction and educational consulting services, targeting international students, immigrants, and refugees.

Linguista USA offers a practical and engaging approach to learning English. The platform’s courses are designed to be immersive and enjoyable, encouraging learners to build their language skills in a supportive environment. In addition to language courses, Linguista USA provides guidance with applications to language schools and higher education institutions in the U.S., as well as assistance with visa procedures.

Dilorom Abdurakhmonova, CEO of Linguista USA, emphasizes the company’s goal: “We aim to facilitate effective communication in English for our diverse group of clients. Our services are structured to help individuals overcome language barriers, enhancing their educational and professional opportunities.”

The company also focuses on contributing positively to the San Francisco community, particularly in under-served areas. This commitment to community involvement is a key aspect of Linguista USA’s philosophy. By engaging in volunteer work and supporting local initiatives, the company strives to have a beneficial impact beyond the realm of language education.

Linguista USA’s educational consulting services are integral to their offering. They provide vital support to those navigating the U.S. educational system, a process that can often be challenging for non-native speakers and international learners. This support is aimed at easing the transition and improving the educational experience for these individuals.

Promoting economic growth and cultural understanding is another objective of Linguista USA. By enabling learners from varied backgrounds to learn English, the company facilitates better job opportunities and cultural integration. This contributes not only to the personal growth of the learners but also to the cultural diversity of the community.

Inclusivity is a priority for Linguista USA, reflected in their approach to making their services both accessible and affordable. “We recognize the varied challenges our clients face when learning a new language. Our goal is to offer quality English language education that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their background,” states Abdurakhmonova.

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About Company:

Linguista USA, based in San Francisco, is an online platform offering English language instruction and educational consulting. Founded with the aim of serving international students, immigrants, and refugees, it provides online English courses, application assistance, and visa support. The company is dedicated to enhancing language skills and facilitating educational opportunities while fostering community engagement.

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