Linechecker LLC Launches New Mobile Application That Helps People Check Waiting Lines in Nearby Stores

“Linechecker: a mobile app that shows and manages waiting lines.”

It is no more news that the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the world and altering how people shop and get needed material from the store on a daily basis. However, Linecheker LLC is now changing the narrative through its newly launched app that is made to help shoppers see waiting lines and determine where to shop without having to waste precious time staying in queue. It is true that physical distancing rule is creating a sludge of waiting buyers in stores, leading to an astronomical surge in waiting lines. Hence, Linechecker is designed to end this era of endless waiting when there are other stores around that are with lesser shoppers on their waiting lines. For every shopper, Linechecker can be checked out on official website of Linechecker and can also be downloaded on Apple Store free of charge. 

Therefore, with this app, users will be able to avoid wasting their valuable time staying in a queue while the next store is free. Furthermore, Linechecker also furnishes buyers with real-time updates on waiting lines. The app does that by using elements of crowdsourcing, queue theory, and also the Linechecker street teams. This can be checked on the Linechecker’s YouTube channel. In addition, Linechecker allows users to see the store where they would spend less time waiting to buy their groceries, foods, drinks and other vital items they need at a point in time. The user of this app can freely search and sort the list of nearby stores in a minute and determine their next shopping stop even before they set out of their house. 

At Linechecker LLC, we believe we could all benefit from shorter wait times, less crowded aisles, and overall safer shopping experience. The more we stay apart, the quicker we can come back together! Linechecker is looking into all waiting lines, and after using Linechecker, you will never wait in line the same way again,” announced Linechecker LLC. 

Therefore, it is wise to say Linechecker mobile app acts as denominator that balances and evenly distributes shoppers among stores that sell same items and help buyers save time that they could have used waiting in line – leading to shorter wait time and freer aisles – helping to prevent the spread of coronavirus at this trying time. This mobile app also serves a queue checker, helping users to determine where to go for safer and faster shopping experience. 

Furthermore, Just like Waze helps reduce and control motor traffic, Linechecker is made to help control and maintain a reasonable waiting line in every shop. With Linecheker, users can plan their day and minimize the time spent in a store, using the app. This is because the app will enable them to check the lines and decide the stores they need to get to based on the number on the waiting list of that store. By that, users will no longer have to reach a store before they see the line and have to decide to check another store, wasting precious time in the process.

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