LiLoE Labs Reinvents Package Security With Launch of Smart Mailbox, Hello Jeffrie

Hello Jeffrie provides a solution to stop the problem of package theft, package spoilage, and weather damage to packaging.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA  Today, LiLoE Labs unveils a solution for the “Billion Dollar problem” of e-commerce package theft and damage through the debut of its Smart Mailbox, Hello Jeffrie. Last year in the US, over 50 million online consumers experienced a delivery disruption of sorts, by either an alternate location pickup, doorstep theft, or package damage due to mishandling or bad weather. The cost? Over 1.6 Billion dollars in retail product replacement.

Hello Jeffrie is a smart mailbox used to collect mail and keep packages safe from theft, food spoilage, and weather damage. Hello Jeffrie is non-permanent, can easily hang over any front door, and notifies consumers when their package has been delivered.

Hello Jeffrie’s parent company, LiLoE Labs, is a recent graduate of FedEx’s EPIcenter Logistics Accelerator and brings with it a team of diverse and talented individuals. “Our team has over 140 years of combined experience in logistics, hardware development, industrial design and mobile app development,”  said CEO Ashley Adewuyi. “We’re really fortunate to have a people who have worked at places such as Amazon Fresh, the Navy, Booz Allen Hamilton, Universal Postal Union, FedEx, and UPS.”

Hello Jeffrie is partnered with FedEx, and integrates the tracking information of major carriers, such as UPS and DHL, to provide live tracking from Hello Jeffrie’s mobile app.

Consumers around the world can pre-order Hello Jeffrie today for $99.00 on Kickstarter. Orders will begin shipping in September 2017.

About Hello Jeffrie:

Jeffries mission is to reduce package theft in neighborhoods while providing peace of mind for e-commerce shoppers and on-demand users.

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Company Name: LiLoE Labs
Contact Person: Ashley Adewuyi
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