Lilith Fury, A Successful Model, Actress, Serves As Powerful Voice For Body Positivity, Transparency In Digital Age

March 11, 2020 – Lilith Fury is an accomplished model and actress. With success in film, print, and online mediums, Lilith Fury is reshaping body positivity and transparency as a plus-size model and talent in Vancouver, British Columbia, Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, who is continuing to grow her online social media following in 2020.

With a variety of modeling and film credits, Lilith Fury has starred in Eat Brains Love (2019), Child’s Play (2019), and Vivarium (2019), and ​will make appearances in Halloween Ends (2021) and The Collected (2021). She has also appeared in print and online advertisements for leading brands and fashion campaigns, including at companies like Hot Topic, Adam & Eve, Kade & Vos, Imperfect Foods, and Curvy Sense.

​”When 70 percent of the US population is overweight, and discrimination against fat people is legal in 49/50 states, this is something that needs to be addressed immediately,” remarked Lilith Fury. “Weight stigma, and fatphobia, is literally killing people, and rather than do something about it, people would rather victim blame. It’s sickening.”

“You can’t hate your body into something you’ll love,” added Lilith Fury. “Today, we need to dominate with a message of body positivity and transparency.”

A powerful voice of the body positivity movement, Lilith Fury offers a rare breath of transparency. Down to earth with all her followers on social media, she works hard to help in the public fight against weight stigma, and fatphobia, while sharing her intimate stories as a former anorexic and queer, Latinx, disabled, plus-size model and actress.

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