Lilian Ruach Releases “Clean Earth” Single for Earth Day on April 12, 2024

“Clean Earth” is a song-inspiring action on the “Planet versus Plastic” theme.

Lilian Ruach, a noted children’s book author and advocate for childhood education, is set to release a single titled “Clean Earth” on April 12, 2024. This song aligns with the Earth Day 2024 theme, “Planet versus Plastic,” echoing the call for a significant reduction in plastic use. Drawing inspiration from her book “A Ride To Save The Earth,” Ruach aims to contribute to the dialogue on environmental preservation through music.

The Earth Day campaign focuses on advocating for a 60% decrease in plastic production, moving towards a future less dependent on plastic. “Clean Earth” is released as part of this initiative, available from midnight EST on April 12 across all major streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. By doing so, Ruach hopes to reach a wide audience, encouraging people to consider their environmental impact.

Since the establishment of Lilian Ruach LLC in 2022, Ruach has devoted her efforts to creating content that educates and engages children. Her transition into music with “Clean Earth” marks an extension of her commitment to raising awareness about environmental issues among both children and adults. Her work aims to blend entertainment with education, fostering a connection with the natural world.

The song “Clean Earth” serves as an extension of the environmental themes explored in Ruach’s writings and as a means to encourage discussions on sustainability. It is designed to be more than an artistic endeavor; it is an educational resource promoting awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship.

As the world anticipates Earth Day 2024 and its focus on combating plastic pollution, “Clean Earth” offers a timely reminder of the importance of individual and collective efforts in fostering environmental health. It underscores the belief that even small actions can contribute to significant environmental benefits. Ruach’s initiative to release “Clean Earth” highlights her belief in the potential for change through education and engagement.

Listeners are invited to stream and pre-save “Clean Earth” by Lilian Ruach, supporting her efforts to raise awareness about environmental conservation. This act amplifies the message of Earth Day 2024 and participates in a larger conversation about creating a sustainable future for the planet.

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