LifeTechverse Announces Plans to Launch Crowdfunding

LifeTechverse Announces Plans to Launch Crowdfunding
Innovative digital wealth platform, LifeTechverse, is set to launch a campaign to raise funds as it seeks to create a fair return on human activities and monetary investments through asset-backed NFTs.

It is looking like the dawn of a new beginning for investors, and NFTs and blockchain enthusiasts across the globe as LifeTechverse officially announces plans to develop a  digital wealth platform to champion a revolutionary form of investment. 

Founder Rico Chow has announced plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign that will help the business raise funds needed to develop the tech platform that will facilitate the listing and trading of asset-backed NFTs units.

The NFT sector has practically exploded in recent times, with a plethora of blockchain-backed products emerging across industries in different parts of the world. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other types of digital assets have emerged to enable individuals and organisations to leverage blockchain technology. 

However, investing in digital assets has not been particularly easy, especially for people unfamiliar with the subject. Consequently, LifeTechverse is looking to change this narrative, opening up the blockchain and NFT space to all categories of investors through a user-friendly digital wealth platform.

LifeTechverse is created to enable people to create value from their time and natural resources, helping to increase their wealth and intrinsic value. 

The platform will utilise the concept of “maximising the productivity and value of human productivity by creating intrinsic value of their limited natural resources,” using asset-NFTs to enable businesses and private investors to create additional revenue streams, reward and value their own and their employee’s resources as well as improve their cash flow without using traditional ways such as bank loans or private equity.

The soon-to-be-launched crowdfunding campaign will undoubtedly help project the LifeTechverse project to a wider audience in different parts of the world, irrespective of age group, economic background or gender.

To learn more about LifeTechverse and the revolutionary digital wealth platform, visit – LifeTechverse also has a growing online community of investors across social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

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