Lifestyle Brand Lullaby Luxe Announces The Launch Of Its Silk Sleep Masks Into The UK Market

London, UK – September 2016 – Lifestyle brand Lullaby Luxe announces the launch of its silk sleep masks into the UK market, after its successful launch into the US earlier this year.

“After the very successful launch of our silk eye masks in the US, we are really pleased to announce that we will now be available to purchase in the UK too”, announces Estelle Brown, who heads up Lullaby Luxe.

“People are so busy rushing around, working hard, and going about their day to day lives, that there is a huge need for products that physically make you wind down and relax. Our silk eye masks really do the trick, which is why I think they have been so popular. The feedback we have received from our customers in the US has been phenomenal, and launching into the UK is a natural progression on from that,” states Estelle.

“We are so proud of our silk mask, and truly believe we have the best sleep mask available to buy. Before launching our mask, we tested and tested our product until we were 100% certain that we had the best shaped mask, that was the most comfortable to wear, and was the softest against your skin. It is also made of the highest quality eco silk, so you get a mini facial as you sleep. Did you know that silk has so many skincare benefits which are only just becoming known to us?” she questions.
“Our sleep mask also comes in a satin pouch bag, to protect the mask, and also to make it easy for users to take their masks with them wherever they go. Having your own high quality sleep mask when you travel, or are staying away from home, can make all the difference to really being able to properly relax and wind down. It’s a little piece of home from home” she adds.

The concept of Lullaby Luxe is to give busy people that little bit of extra luxury in their lives. The eye masks are made of the finest eco silk, meaning they are incredibly soft, and are also the most beneficial to wear close to your skin at night.

“Did you know that silk actually has beauty benefits if you wear it close to your skin?” Estelle adds again. According to research, as silk is a natural fabric, it helps the skin around the eye area to retain moisture. Silk makes it easier for your skin to hold moisure by forming a protective layer on the skin, which helps the delicate eye area to benefit from a plumping and anti-wrinkle effect.  Research that was published in the Cosmetics and Toiletries Journal by Swiss scientists* showed that ‘sericin’, the protein in silk can adhere to keratin, the protein in skin and hair, helping to strengthen it and form a “homogeneous protective film”, meaning you are able to wake up with hydrated and plumped skin around the delicate eye area.

“If you are going to wear an eye mask to help you relax or sleep, then always opt for a a high quality silk, and you will guarantee yourself maximum relaxation with all the added beauty benefits of silk. We are truly confident that we have the best sleep mask on the market, and have been overjoyed at the feedback from our customers” smiles Estelle.

Lullaby Luxe eye masks are now available to purchase in the UK at

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Reference* International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences – Sericin: Pharmaceutical Applications, Jul – Sep 2011

About Lullaby Luxe

The website and brand was established in 2015, and the company manufacture products made from luxurious materials such as eco silk, with a focus on helping people to relax.

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