Life Launch Centers Helps People Build Emotional Resilience Through Online Lessons

The mental health-focused organization offers over 50 emotional resilience video lessons to help people regulate intense emotions and improve mental health

Life Launch Centers has announced that people struggling with depression and other emotional distresses, can turn to its emotional resilience videos to learn how they can better handle their mental health problems.

The mental health-focused organization runs a Resilience Model Online Education program that offers over 50 emotional resilience video lessons to help people regulate intense emotions and improve their mental health.

According to Life Health Centers, the first step individuals need to take when building emotional resilience is ensuring that their goals and values are aligned. As such the first lesson contained in the training program guides participants in determining their top two values and developing 2 smart goals that embody them.

In addition to the over 50 video lessons, subscribers to the training program will also get 50+ SEL worksheets, as well as 12 guided mindfulness practices and a suicide awareness special.

Life Launch Centers has assured all prospective subscribers that the Resilience Model Online Education program is guaranteed to improve their mental health by equipping them with the tools with which to acquire peace, happiness, and confidence in their lives.

Past and current participants of the program have continued to leave rave reviews regarding the effectiveness of the lessons, which they insist have greatly improved their ability to remain calm and control their emotions.

“Our kids are stressed, tired of being at home…so their anxiety is through the roof….but the mindfulness exercises kinda helped keep us centered, focused, and anchored. It’s a really good program” – Zach, Father & School Teacher.

“I’ve dealt with anxiety for the majority of my life but didn’t acknowledge It…until much later in life, and as I’m watching these videos and learning these tools…I wish so badly that I would have had these back when I was in school.” – Brittany, Mother of 3.

Anyone interested in joining the training program can visit the website to get started or simply reach out to Life Launch Centers via the contact info below: 

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