Life Energy Designs Now Offers a Newsletter for Interested Customers Wanting the Latest Updates on EMF Protection

At Life Energy Designs, the focus has always been on better health and wellness, especially with its selection of EMF and cell phone radiation protection products, along with products designed to enhance energy and alertness. Today, interested parties will also be happy to know that Life Energy Designs offers a free newsletter – a newsletter with the latest updates and information on EMFs, wellness and well-being, and more.

AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND – Life Energy Designs was started by David and Margie Slinger, who both saw a need for better health and wellness in many of their friends and family and even themselves. The two began producing their very own EMF protection products, and because of the immense effectiveness of such products, they became more popular with more individuals and thus started the journey of David and Margie Slinger, who then created Life Energy Designs.

Life Energy Designs has a singular purpose: to make the lives of people better through a variety of EMF protection products and other products which are designed to combat night terrors, insomnia, geopathic stress, and electrosensitivity, and promote energy balance and healing as well.

As Life Energy Designs attests, “We at Life Energy Designs use a unique technology in our products, based on scientist Wilhelm Reich’s work, which offers high levels of EMF protection. Guaranteed. Keeping you calm and balanced, supporting your immune system, and working to keep you well – we have EMF protection products, including EMF protection jewellery to suit every pocket, situation, and personality.”

In fact, Life Energy Solutions is so confident of its products’ effectiveness for EMF protection, balance, and healing that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The products on offer at Life Energy Designs include a diverse range of speciality products, such as zen stones, negater shells, healing wands, cell phone radiation shields, and the above-mentioned EMF protection jewellery. Customers can also shop by category for easier shopping, and categories include personal EMF protection, zone EMF protection, cell phone radiation protection, scalar crystal jewellery, energy balance, muscle testing/pendulums, accessories, crystal properties, and more.

And today, Life Energy Designs goes a step further by providing interested parties with a regular newsletter which they can receive complete with updates and the latest news on EMF protection, balance, and wellness. Interested parties can simply sign up for the newsletter with their email address at the Life Energy Designs website, and they can begin receiving the best news on EMF protection and wellness today.

About the company:

Life Energy Designs has long been specialising in products which are specially-designed for EMF protection, as well as energy and healing products for customer wellness and well-being. For those who would like to find out more about Life Energy Design’s EMF protection products and more, visit the website.

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