Life Energy Designs Introduces Latest List of Featured Products, Including EMF Pendants

Life Energy Designs is a company that understands the importance of protection from EMF, and it prioritises its customers’ entire wellbeing and health above all else. This is one reason why it continues to produce all-natural products designed for protection from EMF, for good energy balance and more. Today, Life Energy Designs adds to its list of featured products, which include the ever-popular EMF pendants as well.

NEW ZEALAND – Life Energy Designs has been around for a long time indeed, and it continues to satisfy a plethora of customers with its highly-effective products all of which are designed to combat the effects of EMF, provide better balance and energy, and give customers a better outlook and enhance their physical and mental wellness.

Life Energy Designs has received a lot of positive feedback for all its product range, including its EMF pendants, cell phone radiation protection shields, quartz pendulums, energy wands, protection pyramids and much more. But today, Life Energy Designs is happy to introduce even more featured products for customers who are looking for something that’s truly unique and exceptional. The featured products on the Life Energy Designs include products such as Nu-Me pendants, which are comprised of pendants in silver, stainless steel, copper, and cotton cords. The Nu-Me pendant in silver, in particular, provides protection from electromagnetic fields as well as energy-balancing elements, and is a highly popular product for a number of excellent reasons.  

Apart from this, Life Energy Designs also offers the latest key rings on its list, such as the Ki-Bal keyring, which can protect the user from EMF and works by providing the user with a protective field of as much as 14 metres. Due to its EMF protection properties, it is perfect for those suffering from tiredness, insomnia, stress and headaches, depression, memory loss, rashes, dry throat and eyes, nausea, and other difficulties and conditions which can be brought on by over exposure t o EMF.

Yet other featured products on the Life Energy Designs catalogue include the Nu-Me Snappy wristband, which is available in different colours such as purple, red, black, pink, green, blue. The Natty Pet is now available as well, and it serves as an EMF protector and blocker for husehold pets. 

About the company:

Life Energy Designs has been serving customers across New Zealand and abroad for years. The company designs and specialises in a whole host of EMF protection as well as health and wellbeing products. These include such items as EMF pendants, Zen stones, cell phone protection shields and more. To view the latest offerings of its EMF pendant selection and other essential products, visit the Life Energy Designs site.     

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