Life Coach Releases Book on Secrets to Teenage Well-being: ‘UNPLUGGED!’ Unveils Effective Strategies for Digital Age Stress

Paramus, NJ – In a world where life is increasingly complex, especially for teenagers, Oreste J. DAversa, a life coach, releases “UNPLUGGED! A Practical Guide to Managing Teenage Stress in the Digital Age.” This essential book addresses the various stressors teenagers face, such as academic pressure, peer pressure, bullying, and social media, while providing proven techniques for promoting emotional wellness, achieving healthy habits, and building resilience.

“Everyday life has become more complex and complicated for people of all ages, especially teenagers,” explains Oreste J. DAversa, a dedicated life coach. “With all types of stressors from academic and peer pressures, bullying, and social media, to making decisions on a college major, what college to attend, and the cost of paying for it all. That’s why life coaching skills need to be an integral part of modern-day life, especially for teenagers.”

“UNPLUGGED!” offers a comprehensive guide to help parents, educators, and teenagers themselves navigate the challenges of the digital age. The book’s practical strategies empower teenagers to effectively manage stress, make informed decisions, and foster emotional well-being. Key topics addressed include:

Chapter 1: Stress – Managing Stress in the Teenage Years and Beyond

Chapter 2: Academic Pressures – Finding Balance – Managing Schoolwork and Personal Life

Chapter 3: Peer Pressure – Navigating Healthy Relationships and Building Self Resilience

Chapter 4: Bullying – Recognizing and Addressing Bullying: Empowering Individuals to Take Action

Chapter 5: Social Media – Navigating the Digital Landscape for Healthy Engagement and  Well-being

Chapter 6: Political Climate – Finding Common Ground: Building Bridges in a Divided Political Climate

Chapter 7: Trauma – Understanding the Impact of Trauma: Building a Foundation for Recovery

“Recognizing the distinct challenges faced by teenagers today, ‘Unplugged’ takes a proactive approach by incorporating life coaching skills,” states D’Aversa. This approach empowers young individuals with practical tools to confidently navigate the digital age and cultivate resilience.

Life/career coach and author, Oreste J. DAversa, emphasizes the importance of life coaching skills in today’s world. The book combines DAversa’s expertise with practical guidance to empower teenagers to thrive and lead fulfilling lives.

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