Life Coach Creates A Fun, Five-Minute Game For Learning Essential Relationship Skills.

Communication, Conflict Resolution, And Emotional Intelligence. Couples, Friends And Families Never Need To Fight Again.

Amy Wakingwolf, a life coach specializing in couples and families, has condensed her coaching curriculum into a fun, five-minute game to enhance and enrich any relationship. The game, Find Your Beach, centers fun, and yet playfully sneaks learning emotional intelligence into activities that help us connect deeper with the people we love.

The game is elegantly simple. It begins with a question, “On a scale of 1-10 where are you at in our relationship? No matter what the number is, the next question is always, how can I bump you up a notch?” The “bump-up” begins with creating a safe space to explore anything from the serious to the hilarious. The guideline is that this can be any small thing, help with the dishes, a foot massage, have them sing you a made-up love song, or cooking a favorite meal, anything that does not involve a larger two-person decision. Whatever the player asks for, always ends with them receiving an enthusiastic yes and a smile! Then the roles reverse, and in this way each player gets a chance to have a need or desire met, to feel seen, heard, and most importantly, treasured.

If the player would like to let the fates decide, then they can choose one of 11 golden coins from the bag. Each coin nurtures a different skill of communication and connection, ie: active listening, conflict resolution, negotiation, navigation, appreciation and being silly and doing something purely for the other players amusement.

Amy says “My life would have gone so differently if I had the communication skills and the emotional intelligence that this game teaches. Unhealthy communication is normalized today, raising voices, temper tantrums, calling names, the silent treatment, gas lighting among other forms of manipulation. These tactics are not only unhealthy, but they also simply do not work long term. A win-win approach is always going to get better results than win-lose but so many people are not aware of how to level up their skills. This game has been designed to allow you to check on the health and build the emotional wealth of your relationship. My experience has shown me that if both people commit to playing once a day, they will never need to fight about anything ever again.”

Find Your Beach is an important gift for new relationships to set the standards of healthy communication high from the beginning. It is especially helpful for teenagers and newlyweds, but also perfect for anniversaries, friends, and families. In fact it’s perfect for anyone that wishes to be better at communication and emotional connection, and anyone that wants to up their relationship game and play happily ever after.

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